LA Times Crossword answers Monday 7 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 7 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 7 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Book of maps: ATLAS

6 Pots' cookware partners: PANS

10 Read, as a bar code: SCAN

14 Not dry, as a cake: MOIST

15 Rectangle calculation: AREA

16 "Alice's Restaurant" singer Guthrie: ARLO

17 Word with bear or vortex: POLAR

18 Put in order: SORT

19 Single __ whisky: MALT

20 *"Come to your senses!": SNAPOUTOFIT

23 So-so grade: CEE

24 Chicago Bulls' org.: NBA

25 Stallone's boxer: ROCKY

27 Cellphone bill statistic: USAGE

30 __ Artois: Belgian beer: STELLA

32 Dadaist collection: ARPS

33 Hourly charge, e.g.: RATE

35 Mustard named for a French city: DIJON

38 Pitcher's goof: BALK

39 Hunting dog's pickup: SCENT

41 Response to "Marco!" in a pool game: POLO

42 "Ghostbusters" goo: SLIME

44 Raggedy doll: ANDY

45 Rubber-stamped: OKED

46 Popular Campbell's soup: TOMATO

48 Window sections: PANES

50 "You've got to be kidding": OHMAN

51 Ruby or emerald: GEM

52 Airport safety org.: TSA

53 Kit Kat bar slogan ... and hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues: GIMMEABREAK

60 Corrosive stuff: ACID

62 Small-town parade street: MAIN

63 "__ no choice": IHAVE

64 Farm building: BARN

65 Voting against: ANTI

66 Spooky: EERIE

67 Bear in two constellation names: URSA

68 Dieter's beer choice: LITE

69 Stuffy-sounding: NASAL


1 Concert blasters: AMPS

2 Bart Simpson, e.g.: TOON

3 Country singer McCann: LILA

4 "I need it now!" letters: ASAP

5 Stiff, as a drink: STRONG

6 Ziti, for example: PASTA

7 Suffix with buck: AROO

8 Spongy ball brand: NERF

9 Stephen Colbert device: SATIRE

10 "Cheers" bartender: SAM

11 *Do some stand-up: CRACKAJOKE

12 Bowling venue: ALLEY

13 Musical scale part: NOTE

21 Taxi alternatives: UBERS

22 Let the cat out of the bag, so to speak: TOLD

26 Pre-tied tie, e.g.: CLIPON

27 Eurasian range: URAL

28 *Debate tiny details: SPLITHAIRS

29 Dad's punting words: ASKMOM

30 Shorthand ace: STENO

31 Work the bar: TEND

32 Core muscles: ABS

34 "Never try to outstubborn __": Heinlein: ACAT

36 World Cup cheers: OLES

37 Wordless consent: NOD

40 Ultracompetitive personality: TYPEA

43 Online periodical: EMAG

47 Zoo inhabitant: ANIMAL

49 Sleep aid brand: AMBIEN

50 Hollywood award: OSCAR

51 Fabled lamp occupant: GENIE

52 "Forbidden" perfume: TABU

54 __-pedi: MANI

55 Catcher's glove: MITT

56 Actress Seehorn: RHEA

57 Corn units: EARS

58 Reebok rival: AVIA

59 Boat backbone: KEEL

61 Forensic evidence: DNA

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