LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 7 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 7 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 7 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Part of an urban fleet: CAB

4 Recipe amt.: TBSP

8 Eva of "Green Acres": GABOR

13 Tire filler: AIR

14 Part of a Basque ball game name: ALAI

15 Deli counter staple: SALAMI

16 *Privates' training site: BOOTCAMP

18 Very cold: ARCTIC

19 Soothing succulent: ALOE

20 Forever, it seems: NOEND

22 Aptly named autopilot in "Airplane!": OTTO

23 Similar to: LIKE

24 Oscar winner Winslet of "The Reader": KATE

25 Chum: PAL

26 Fourth quarter mo.: DEC

28 Big brass: TUBA

30 MPG-testing org.: EPA

33 Surprise attack: AMBUSH

36 "__ Brockovich": ERIN

37 Swindle: CON

38 Framed in the darkroom for artistic effect: CROPPED

40 Nearly obsolete golf club: ONEIRON

42 Word after trail or party: MIX

43 On the rocks: ICED

45 Diamond-shaped pattern: ARGYLE

46 "Outta here!" PC key: ESC

47 Kitchen gadget brand: EKCO

48 Campaigned: RAN

49 Throw in: ADD

51 Courtroom fig.: ATTY

53 Santa Anita data: ODDS

57 Prefix for half of Earth: HEMI

59 Acid used in cooking oil: OLEIC

60 Hilarious routine: RIOT

61 Removed the pull tab from: OPENED

63 Apparent setting for a two-letter comic strip suggested by the answers to starred clues: STONEAGE

65 Calm: SERENE

66 Ye __ Shoppe: OLDE

67 Hoops net holder: RIM

68 Mail-order pioneer: SEARS

69 Have to have: NEED

70 "I did it!": YES


1 Conspiratorial group: CABAL

2 Garlicky sauce: AIOLI

3 Trout's home: BROOK

4 Tic-__-toe: TAC

5 *Unlimited budget, figuratively: BLANKCHECK

6 Popular Girl Scout cookie: SAMOA

7 Lab tube: PIPETTE

8 Narrow, bony fish: GAR

9 Metal industry giant: ALCOA

10 *Uris WWII novel: BATTLECRY

11 Drop from a list: OMIT

12 Puerto __: RICO

15 Down in the dumps: SAD

17 Prepared to drive, in golf: TEEDUP

21 Prefix with surgery: NEURO

25 Bakery-cafŽ chain: PANERA

27 Spotted: ESPIED

29 *System with only ones and zeros: BINARYCODE

31 Health club amenity: POOL

32 Green Gables lass: ANNE

33 Wile E. Coyote vendor: ACME

34 Open __: scans for the claustrophobic: MRIS

35 *Picture-taking Brownie: BOXCAMERA

39 Window sticker: DECAL

41 Pay no heed to: IGNORE

44 Loves to a fault: DOTESON

50 Informal eatery: DINER

52 Book cover info: TITLE

54 Personal journal: DIARY

55 Wayward calf: DOGIE

56 Flower supporters: STEMS

57 Hefty Cartwright brother: HOSS

58 Olympic weapon: EPEE

59 Tribute in verse: ODE

62 Nav. rank: ENS

64 Actor Beatty: NED

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