LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 7 November 2019

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Los Angeles Times 7 November 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 7 November 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Astrological Ram: ARIES

6 Cleans out badly? ROBS

10 __-pitch softball: SLO

13 Dry up: PARCH

14 Old photo hue: SEPIA

15 Equivocate: HEM

16 International waters: THEHIGHSEAS

18 Scrabble vowel value: ONE

19 Focus of a modern crisis: OPIOIDS

20 Branch bit: TWIG

21 "The Persistence of Memory" artist: DALI

24 Teleflora rival: FTD

25 Ice Capades setting: ARENA

26 Word with string or sing: ALONG

28 Washington post: SENATOR

31 Ulaanbaatar native: MONGOL

33 One concerned with bites: DENTIST

35 South of France? SUD

36 Trifling amount: SOU

38 Former NBA exec Jackson: STU

39 "Dumbo" (2019) director Burton: TIM

41 Off-leash play area: DOGPARK

44 Like many courtside interviews: INGAME

46 Pine detritus: NEEDLES

48 New York Harbor's __ Island: ELLIS

49 "Mad About You" daughter: MABEL

51 __ Zion Church: AME

53 Actor Alan: ALDA

54 Runs: AIRS

55 Audit: SITINON

58 Holstein sound: MOO

59 Politically diverse ballot ... and an apt description of each set of puzzle circles: SPLITTICKET

63 New Haven alum: ELI

64 L.L.Bean headquarters locale: MAINE

65 River in some Renoir paintings: SEINE

66 "Voices Carry" pop group __ Tuesday: TIL

67 Unaccompanied: STAG

68 Lauder of cosmetics: ESTEE


1 Fitting: APT

2 Root word? RAH

3 Hot temper: IRE

4 Bouncing off the walls: ECHOING

5 Castaway's salvation: SHIP

6 Lived: RESIDED

7 Slanted page: OPED

8 Slant: BIAS

9 KLM rival: SAS

10 Locker room feature: SHOWERSTALL

11 Red Square honoree: LENIN

12 Luxury watch: OMEGA

14 They're poured at bars: SHOTS

17 Many an animated Twitter pic: GIF

20 Picard's counselor: TROI

21 Stops up: DAMS

22 Vocally: ALOUD

23 Marinated beef dish: LONDONBROIL

25 Harmonize: ATTUNE

27 Grammy category: GOSPEL

29 Game console letters: NES

30 Member of the opposition: ANTI

32 Attachment to a car or a boat? LOAD

34 Shy: TIMID

37 Result of Googling: URL

40 Natural table: MESA

42 Heist units: GEES

43 "How to Get Away With Murder" lawyer Annalise: KEATING

45 Quick looks: GLANCES

47 Clobber, biblically: SMITE

49 "Glengarry Glen Ross" playwright: MAMET

50 Garlicky spread: AIOLI

52 Tonsillitis-treating doc: ENT

55 Row: SPAT

56 Parts of hips: ILIA

57 65-Across feeder: OISE

59 Texting format, briefly: SMS

60 Set for assembly: KIT

61 Dallas-to-Memphis dir.: ENE

62 Simple top: TEE

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