LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 7 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 7 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 7 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Actor Richard Anthony Marin, familiarly: CHEECH

7 TV's "Moonlighting," for one: DRAMEDY

14 Sarcastic comment to a complainer, maybe: POORYOU

15 Bonnie Blue's birth name, in "Gone With the Wind": EUGENIE

16 Eno, for one: ANAGRAM

17 Erodes: ABRADES

18 Mil. break: RNR

19 Greek vowel: ETA

20 Venison source: DEER

21 "__ consummation devoutly to be wish'd": Hamlet: TISA

23 Ancient Peruvian: INCA

25 Mother __: EARTH

29 "I don't believe it!": YEESH

31 Hard __: CASH

33 Non-discrimination letters: EOE

34 Time-saving words? YADAYADAYADA

38 Made something more desirable: SWEETENEDTHEPOT

41 Typical Louis L'Amour work: WESTERNNOVEL

42 Rd. service club: AAA

43 Ill-advised move: NONO

44 Lyon lasses: Abbr.: MLLES

48 Beetle larvae: GRUBS

51 Techie, often: NERD

53 Do an usher's job: SEAT

54 Symbol of innocence: LAMB

56 Col. neighbor: NEB

58 Matter-of-fact opening? ASA

59 Jackson dubbed "Queen of Gospel": MAHALIA

62 Old rubber? ALADDIN

64 Winning steadily: ONAROLL

65 Metaphor for misfortune: ILLWIND

66 Advil rival: TYLENOL

67 Bill of __: LADING


1 News anchor Chung: CONNIE

2 Sounding rough: HOARSE

3 Joule part: ERG

4 Victorian heroine: EYRE

5 Raccoon kin: COATI

6 Risky aerial act: HUMANCANNONBALL


8 Sticks figure: RUBE

9 Match: AGREE

10 Half a comedy duo: MEARA

11 Wrap up: END

12 Rolled game piece: DIE

13 "You betcha!": YES

14 It may be a blast: PARTY

22 So far: ASYET

24 Capital of French Guiana: CAYENNE

26 Gather: REAP

27 Well attachment? TODO

28 Cops: HEAT

30 Word with crime or watch: HATE

32 Couch potato's buy: HDTV

35 "The 'Burbs" actor: DERN

36 "Pardon me ... ": AHEM

37 Long-distance calls? YELLS

38 Plunder: SWAG

39 Sign of aging: WEAR

40 Biblical twin: ESAU

45 Introduction: LEADIN

46 Letting up: EASING

47 Artist's aid: STAND

49 Sit on, as a horn: BLARE

50 Elegant room: SALON

52 Reese of "Chico and the Man": DELLA

55 Ventimiglia of "This Is Us": MILO

57 __ eagle: BALD

59 Clever remark: MOT

60 "__ ideas?": ANY

61 Baseball exec Steinbrenner: HAL

63 SADD concern: DWI

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