LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 7 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 7 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 7 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Dried meat snacks: SLIMJIMS

9 Whitewater craft: CANOES

15 Son of Abraham: ISAAC

20 Got emotional: TEAREDUP

21 Greek island named for a storied flier: ICARIA

22 Rousey who was the first American woman to win an Olympic judo medal: RONDA

23 *Discerning: EDGEWISE

24 *Building manager: SUPERCHARGER

26 "Little Red Book" writer: MAO

27 Author Tolstoy: LEO

29 Land between hills: VALE

30 Mensa prereq: IQTEST

31 Big __: Red Sox nickname: PAPI

34 Truckers' loads: HAULS

36 Call, old-style: DIAL

37 *Performer's period on the job: CIVICENGAGEMENT

43 "A Hymn to __": "My Fair Lady" song: HIM

46 Not attentive: ASLEEP

47 Bauxite, to aluminum: ORE

48 Conquer a hero? EAT

50 Chaplin accessory: CANE

51 Decked out: CLAD

52 Victoria's Secret purchase: BRA

53 *Electricity: BEETLEJUICE

57 Is down with: HAS

58 Smelting by-product: SLAG

60 Corp. alternatives: LLCS

61 Unwitting test taker: LABRAT

62 Longtime U.K. record label: EMI

63 Greek fabulist: AESOP

65 Bilbao bear: OSO

66 Locks in a barn: MANE


72 Point after deuce: ADIN

73 Sticking point? RUT

74 Jefferson Memorial column type: IONIC

75 Catch a few winks: NAP

78 Handles clumsily: PAWSAT

81 Give up: CEDE

82 "__ la France!": VIVE

83 "The History of the Standard Oil Company" author Tarbell: IDA


86 Neighbor of Ill.: WIS

87 Obstacles to good teamwork: EGOS

88 Picnic crashers: ANTS

89 Play it by __: EAR

90 Many Ph.D. students: TAS

91 Reminder: PROMPT

93 Make out: SEE

94 *Work a side hustle: MOONLIGHTSONATA

99 __ old age: RIPE

103 Poppycock: HOOEY

104 Votes in favor: AYES

105 Rod user: ANGLER

107 Teeny, tiny bit: IOTA

108 Kind of PC port: USB

110 Place for a mask: SPA

113 *Infatuated with, with "on": SOULCRUSHING

116 Place for Amtrak passengers to unwind ... and a hint to how to interpret eight puzzle answers: QUIETCAR

120 Fiji neighbor: TONGA

121 Tenant: ROOMER

122 Paragon of prestige: CLASSACT

123 Mork's leader: ORSON

124 Hider's revelation: INHERE

125 Fish with the largest brain: MANTARAY


1 Originate (from): STEM

2 Mother of Castor: LEDA

3 "Aladdin" parrot: IAGO

4 GI chow: MRE

5 Yom Kippur observer: JEW

6 Despot Amin: IDI

7 Fabric from Iraq: MUSLIN

8 Graf __: WWII ship: SPEE

9 Opposite of trans: CIS

10 Contact lens giant: ACUVUE

11 Morning smell in "Apocalypse Now": NAPALM

12 Vague threat: ORELSE

13 Emerald Isle: EIRE

14 Egg container: SAC

15 Baghdad native: IRAQI

16 In a way, informally: SORTA

17 Thin 77-Down: ANGELHAIR

18 Fruity thirst-quenchers: ADES

19 Horse preceder, when things are amiss? CART

25 Laid low: HID

28 "Gone With the Wind" family name: OHARA

31 Blotchy: PIED

32 Team's #1 pitcher: ACE

33 Get-up-and-go: PEP

35 Sit in casks, say: AGE

37 Secret supply: CACHE

38 Faith with Sunni and Shia branches: ISLAM

39 Pickle brand with a stork mascot: VLASIC

40 Medusa, for one: GORGON

41 Neighbors of the Knicks: NETS

42 Latvian chess champ Mikhail __: TAL

44 Atahualpa subject: INCA

45 Track competition: MEET

49 Mideast port on the Mediterranean: TELAVIV

50 Like chicken-fried steak: CUBED

52 Washroom fixture: BASIN

53 Police record: BLOTTER

54 "Frozen" sister: ELSA

55 Cause for a romaine recall: ECOLI

56 Muppet who plays lead guitar in the Electric Mayhem: JANICE

58 Flip-flop: SANDAL

59 The Beatles' last studio album: LETITBE

64 Rosie of "Do the Right Thing": PEREZ

66 Tiny Oreos: MINIS

68 Place of refuge: OASIS

69 Manet's "Olympia," e.g.: NUDE

70 Anti-war: DOVISH

71 "The Imitation Game" encryption machine: ENIGMA

76 Rescue from a shelter: ADOPT

77 17-Down, e.g.: PASTA

78 K-12 fundraising gps.: PTAS

79 "Rule, Britannia" composer Thomas: ARNE

80 Pool party arsenal: WATERGUNS

81 Italian "dear": CARO

85 Run for it: LAM

86 Sought-after Japanese beef: WAGYU

87 Ages and ages: EONS

90 Dressy accessory: TIE

91 "Gangnam Style" rapper: PSY

92 Sushi topping: ROE

95 "Pick me! Pick me!": OHOHOH

96 A jiffy: NOTIME

97 Repair shop offer: LOANER

98 __ rasa: blank slate: TABULA

100 Volunteer's offer: ILLGO

101 Type of pie popular in Southern cuisine: PECAN

102 Mess up: ERR

105 In the matter of: ASTO

106 American-born Jordanian queen: NOOR

107 Airs now: ISON

109 Area meas. about the size of a pinkie toenail: SQCM

110 Part of the navel is one: SCAR

111 Guinea pig look-alike: PACA

112 Affectedly cultured: ARTY

114 New England sch.: URI

115 Future Ph.D.'s test: GRE

117 McKellen who played Gandalf: IAN

118 February Va. hours: EST

119 Flight safety org.: TSA

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