LA Times Crossword answers Friday 7 October 2016

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Los Angeles Times 7 October 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 7 October 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 City NE of Odessa: MIDLAND

8 American Pharoah accoutrement: BRIDLE

14 Like many lots: ONEACRE

15 Like bad butter: RANCID

16 Item on a certain thief's rap sheet? PASTCARJACKING

18 Party planner's compilation: ELIST

19 Big Island entertainment: UKES

20 Tour stop: GIG

22 Put down: DIS

23 Sequential exercise: SCALES

26 Name on the 1983 album "More Music for Films": ENO

27 Long-distance calling org.? SETI

29 Linguistic ending: ESE

30 Graceful wader: EGRET

32 Dinner for a lottery winner? JACKPOTROAST

36 "C U When U Get There" rapper: COOLIO

38 Cans on a Lowe's shelf: PAINTS

39 Mural of a wild canine? JACKALFRESCO

41 Flew like a birdie: ARCED

42 Minn. neighbor: ONT

43 Zachary Taylor, e.g.: WHIG

47 Affected denial: MOI

48 Held up: PAUSED

51 With 48-Down, judging with others: ONA

52 Sign of spring: BUD

53 Prominent feature of "Twilight" films? FANG

54 Query in Matthew: ISITI

56 Last of a $140 stack? SEVENTHJACKSON

60 Follows: ENSUES

61 "The Little Prince" author Saint-ExupŽry: ANTOINE

62 Like hunks: STUDLY

63 Ached (for): YEARNED


1 Economical bikes: MOPEDS

2 Not a good way to be caught: INALIE

3 Call it off: DESIST

4 Pullover beneficiaries: LATS

5 Bookkeeper's concerns: Abbr.: ACCTS

6 Gp. with many arms: NRA

7 Strauss' "__ Rosenkavalier": DER

8 Slow down: BRAKE

9 Hurries: RACES

10 Tattoo parlor supplies: INKS

11 Roman 601: DCI

12 Not hurry home from: LINGERAT

13 Avant-garde quality: EDGINESS

17 Aromatic cocktail: JULEP

21 DŸsseldorf deity: GOTT

24 Director DeMille: CECIL

25 "I'll kneel down / And ___ thee forgiveness": King Lear: ASKOF

28 "Kidding": IJOKE

30 Former attorney general Holder: ERIC

31 Moody Blues hit with an exclamation point in its title: GONOW

33 "When I was __ ... ": "H.M.S. Pinafore" lyric: ALAD

34 Starts the day: OPENS

35 Sample: TASTE

36 Whoops it up: CAROUSES


39 Hinge holder: JAMB

40 Like stormy seas: ROUGH

44 Sauce served with mu shu pork: HOISIN

45 Chant: INTONE

46 Profited: GAINED

48 See 51-Across: PANEL

49 Not at all calm: ANTSY

50 Judge's decrees: DICTA

53 It might be resolved through mediation: FEUD

55 Candy bar with a Nordic name: SKOR

57 Sch. near the Appomattox River: VSU

58 Noisy bird: JAY

59 Chemical suffix: ANE

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