LA Times Crossword answers Monday 7 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 7 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 7 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Only president who was also chief justice: TAFT

5 Storage structure for 30-Across: SHED

9 Hindu social division: CASTE

14 Go back, on a PC: UNDO

15 Arizona tribe: HOPI

16 A, in Greece: ALPHA

17 Match audio and video: SYNC

18 Frat Pack actor Wilson: OWEN

19 Fish stories: TALES

20 Diane Keaton's role in "The Godfather" films: KAYCORLEONE

23 Embitterment: IRE

24 Raid targets: ANTS

25 Gave speeches: ORATED

27 Desert plant: CACTUS

30 Lawn cutters: MOWERS

32 Southwestern crocks: OLLAS

33 "Maude" star: BEAARTHUR

36 Boston Celtics' org.: NBA

37 Harness racing vehicle: SULKY

38 Nest egg letters: IRA

39 Fitzgerald's "Great" title character: JAYGATSBY

42 Until now: SOFAR

44 Jai alai ball: PELOTA

45 Soft-hearted: GENTLE

46 Japanese religion: SHINTO

48 Sheltered, at sea: ALEE

49 Halloween headgear: WIG

50 "Maleficent" actress: ELLEFANNING

56 On __: going wild: ATEAR

58 Miniature image to click on: ICON

59 Symphonic wind: OBOE

60 Bond portrayer Roger: MOORE

61 Fitted with footwear: SHOD

62 Final or midterm: TEST

63 Private, as thoughts: INNER

64 Stew cookers: POTS

65 Former spouses: EXES


1 Elephant tooth: TUSK

2 Author Seton: ANYA

3 Gp. responding to Big Apple blazes: FDNY

4 Bach's "__ and Fugue in D Minor": TOCCATA

5 15-minute films, say: SHORTS

6 Coyote cries: HOWLS

7 Blunt sword: EPEE

8 "The Flintstones" pet: DINO

9 Wedding hire: CATERER

10 Pie-mode link: ALA

11 Workday with a longer-than-typical break: SPLITSHIFT

12 Over yonder: THERE

13 Let up: EASED

21 Heavy burden: ONUS

22 "You gotta be kidding!": NOWAY

26 Humanities major: ART

27 "Nor" or "or," in a dict.: CONJ

28 "Sin City" actress Jessica: ALBA

29 Trapshooter's target: CLAYPIGEON

30 Word before toast or after peach: MELBA

31 Like wines aged in certain barrels: OAKY

33 Head-and-shoulders sculpture: BUST

34 Eurasian border river: URAL

35 Red in the middle, as steak: RARE

37 Seat at the bar: STOOL

40 Pentagon VIP: GEN

41 Editor or tailor, e.g.: ALTERER

42 Perceived: SEEN

43 Lacking variety, musically: ONENOTE

45 Pituitary and thyroid: GLANDS

46 Hindu guru: SWAMI

47 Discover, as a solution: HITON

48 In progress, as Sherlock's "game": AFOOT

51 Speech problem: LISP

52 Repeat: ECHO

53 Curly-horned goat: IBEX

54 Sniffer: NOSE

55 Acquires: GETS

57 "How __ you doing?": ARE

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