LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 7 October 2020

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Los Angeles Times 7 October 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 7 October 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Something to pay: DEBT

5 "Nothing's broken": IMOK

9 Lawn game: BOCCE

14 Fir fellers: AXES

15 Cool off in a shallow stream, say: WADE

16 Weasley family owl: ERROL

17 Substantial return: BANGFORONESBUCK

20 Popeye's nemesis: BLUTO

21 Zagreb native: CROAT

22 Salon creations: DOS

23 NCR product: ATM

24 "You betcha": YAH

26 Mohel's rite: BRIS

28 Color named for a dancer: BALLERINAPINK

34 Dodger who befriended Jackie Robinson: REESE

35 Peter of "The Maltese Falcon": LORRE

36 Word of regret: ALAS

39 Sudden burst: SALVO

42 9/11 Commission chair Tom: KEAN

43 Star transports: LIMOS

45 Emulated Van Winkle, after 20 years: AWOKE


51 Toni Morrison novel: SULA

52 Reluctantly absorb, as a loss: EAT

53 Little bite: NIP

56 Admiral's rear: AFT

59 Toon duck triplet: LOUIE

61 "Fame" singer Cara: IRENE

63 Making a killing in Vegas ... or what happens in 17-, 28- and 47-Across: BREAKINGTHEBANK

66 Do the Thanksgiving honors: CARVE

67 Start to scope: TELE

68 __ fixe: IDEE

69 Pulled a fast one on: DUPED

70 Beef bourguignonne, for one: STEW

71 Old geopolitical states: Abbr.: SSRS


1 Flintstone word: DABBA

2 Hold in awe: EXALT

3 Anesthetize: BENUMB

4 Air Force NCO: TSGT

5 __ Jima: IWO

6 Italian noblewoman: MARCHESA

7 Dump feature: ODOR

8 Jedi Master Obi-Wan __: KENOBI

9 Brutish: BESTIAL

10 Uranus, for one: ORB

11 Scummy deposit: CRUD

12 Gabrielle Chanel, familiarly: COCO

13 Fraternal order: ELKS

18 British detective played by Michael Kitchen: FOYLE

19 Deserve: EARN

25 Lager alternatives: ALES

27 Like many addresses: SPOKEN

29 Incendiary acts: ARSONS

30 Race for four, commonly: RELAY

31 Dander: IRE

32 Gun lobby org.: NRA

33 "Jeopardy!" whiz Jennings: KEN

36 Priest's white garment: ALB

37 Unlike Abner, really: LIL

38 Geriatrician's gp.: AMA

40 Bug on the road? VWBEETLE

41 Dancing girl in "Return of the Jedi": OOLA

44 Moved stealthily: SKULKED

46 Journalist Couric: KATIE

48 Wells' sci-fi race: ELOI

49 Bully's array: TAUNTS

50 Works with dough: KNEADS

54 Word with tube or circle: INNER

55 Some toys, briefly: PEKES

56 It's sung to the same tune as "Twinkle, twinkle": ABCD

57 Lady of the Haus: FRAU

58 Md. athlete: TERP

60 "__ a Kick Out of You": Porter song: IGET

62 Slugger's stats: RBIS

64 Latin greeting: AVE

65 Fell, as firs: HEW

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