LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 7 October 2021

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Los Angeles Times 7 October 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 7 October 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Something going to the dogs: ALPO

5 Chirpy sci-fi critter: ARTOO

10 Joe by another name: JAVA

14 Welsh actor Roger: REES

15 Domain: REALM

16 Kalahari-like: ARID

17 Aids for retrieving things: MNEMONICDEVICES

20 Hunted ones in a 2016 craze: POKEMON

21 Rare forecast: HAIL

22 Teeing off: IRING

23 Provider of colt comfort: MARE

24 "On the Road" narrator __ Paradise: SAL

27 Zippered shelter: TENT

28 Hendrix's "Star-Spangled Banner" at Woodstock, for one: GUITARSOLO

31 One might be slipped: DISC

32 Some urban pollution: NOISE

33 Made bad news easier to take: SOFTENEDTHEBLOW

39 Word with box or light: IDIOT

40 Bush hoppers: ROOS

41 Bond of the '70s and '80s: ROGERMOORE

44 Part of CSNY: NASH

48 Its returns were never sales: Abbr.: IRS

49 Strong lobby for seniors: AARP

50 Game with scratching: LOTTO

51 2019 Broadway biomusical: TINA

52 Big squeeze: BEARHUG

54 Cold shoulder ... and a hint to four circled letters, individually and as a unit: SILENTTREATMENT

58 Rapper-turned-actor: ICET

59 Something one may be dying to hide? ROOTS

60 Pro foe: ANTI

61 Smart-alecky: CUTE

62 Affected: ARTSY

63 Zap: LASE


1 Axilla, commonly: ARMPIT

2 Lost love in "The Raven": LENORE

3 Spy, in a way: PEEKIN

4 "Pay It Forward" actor Haley Joel __: OSMENT

5 River in Tuscany: ARNO

6 Bit of equestrian gear: REIN

7 Tic __: TAC

8 So last year: OLDHAT

9 1998 Masters winner Mark: OMEARA

10 Monopoly corner: JAIL

11 Parabolic path: ARC

12 Contend: VIE

13 They pop up too often: ADS

18 IM gasp: OMG

19 S‡bado preceder: VIERNES

23 Emphatic end to a killer performance: MICDROP

24 Lowe's bagful: SOIL

25 "And another thing ... ": ALSO

26 MGM co-founder: LOEW

28 Gimlet option: GIN

29 One of a Swiss Army knife's many: USE

30 Blubber: SOB

31 Disembark, maybe: DETRAIN

33 Aide to millions: SIRI

34 It could be fishy: ODOR

35 Cookie fruit: FIGS

36 __ the mark: TOE

37 NBA's Raptors: TOR

38 Groundbreaking invention: HOE

42 Watchword: MANTRA

43 Address provider: ORATOR

44 Not odd: NORMAL

45 She turned Arachne into a spider: ATHENA

46 Action film fodder: STUNTS

47 Stymie: HOGTIE

50 GPS finding: LAT

51 It's under un beret: TETE

52 Risks: BETS

53 "Nothing to it!": EASY

54 Attack, to Rover: SIC

55 RN workplace: ICU

56 Tennis call: LET

57 Rubbish: ROT

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