LA Times Crossword answers Friday 7 September 2018

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Los Angeles Times 7 September 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 7 September 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "__ Told Me (Not to Come)": 1970 #1 hit: MAMA

5 Folly: IDIOCY

11 "Caught you!": OHO

14 River to the Caspian: URAL

15 Spacecraft section: MODULE

16 Apprehend: NAB

17 Skin tone achieved via pure will? SELFMADETAN

19 "__ had enough!": IVE

20 Its contents need attention: INTRAY

21 Mont Blanc, e.g.: ALP

22 Romances: WOOS

23 Storied engineer Jones: CASEY

24 Ballet performance on skis? SLATDANCE

26 Extinct bird: DODO

28 Forest: WOODS

29 List-ending abbr.: ETC

32 __ sort: OFA

34 Tea variety: PEKOE

37 TV show destined for early cancellation? BROADCASTTEDIUM

42 Protuberance: BULGE

43 "Glee" cheerleading coach: SUE

44 Small point: NIT

45 Purple shade: LILAC

48 Copious quantities: SEAS

51 Horse chatter? STALLTALK

54 Kitchen light: PILOT

58 UPS Store supply: TAPE

59 Mined find: ORE

60 Road construction sight: DETOUR

61 Six-pack components: ABS

62 Lame justification for the letter substitution in four puzzle answers? EMPTYEXCUSE

64 Beluga yield: ROE

65 Serious attacks: SIEGES

66 Bone: Pref.: OSTE

67 Nursery layer: SOD

68 Marine group that's well-armed? OCTOPI

69 Disorder: MESS


1 Clara Schumann works, e.g.: MUSIC

2 Large performance venue: ARENA

3 Fountain creations: MALTS

4 "Great" ninth-century English monarch: ALFRED

5 "Perhaps": IMAY

6 Pentagon org.: DOD

7 Perfect: IDEAL

8 Criminal: OUTLAW

9 Keep time with manually: CLAPTO

10 Urge: YEN

11 Paper named for a vegetable: ONIONSKIN

12 Chaos: HAVOC

13 More than rotund: OBESE

18 BLT basic: MAYO

22 Cooled one's heels? WADED

24 Waiting room piece: SOFA

25 Figure (out): DOPE

27 Medico: DOC

29 Wane: EBB

30 Commercial prefix suggestive of accuracy: TRU

31 Broke down: COLLAPSED

33 Balaam's mount: ASS

35 Paris agreement: OUI

36 Health care worker, briefly: EMT

38 Deft: AGILE

39 Farmer's habitat? DELL

40 Elephant tooth: TUSK

41 Souvenir from a concert: TEE

46 __ power: ATOMIC

47 One may be magic: CARPET

49 Peak: APEX

50 "2 Broke Girls," for one: SITCOM

51 Garbo and Gable, e.g.: STARS

52 Like certain subjects in certain company: TABOO

53 Free: LETGO

55 Cad: LOUSE

56 Boots: OUSTS

57 Sources of shade: TREES

60 He played Ricky in early TV: DESI

62 Spanish pronoun: ESO

63 "Sure 'nuff": YEP

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