LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 7 September 2019

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Los Angeles Times 7 September 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 7 September 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Peak of early 2000s cinema: BROKEBACK

10 Martin Sheen's first name at birth: RAMON

15 Doesn't honor: RENEGESON

16 Blow away: AMAZE

17 "Let's rock and roll!": ITSGOTIME

18 Actor Max von __: SYDOW

19 Verb that sounds like a letter: ARE

20 Holders of leaves: TEABAGS

22 Rank aboard the Enterprise: Abbr.: ENS

23 Turbine blade: ROTOR

25 Moved, as a movie camera: DOLLIED

27 "Claws" star __ Nash: NIECY

31 Get choppers: TEETHE

32 One up, barely: SLEEPYHEAD

36 Oozy substances: GOOS

37 Prefix for "six": HEXA

38 Class with no struggles: EASYA

39 Unwieldy thing: HULK

40 British boxer Khan: AMIR

41 Album info: LINERNOTES

43 Talking points? ROSTRA

45 Role for which Liam got an Oscar nod: OSKAR

46 Show ardor: ENTHUSE

48 Occupied: INUSE

52 IPA, say: ALE

53 About 5, for coffee: PHLEVEL

57 Humanities degs.: BAS

58 Enjoy a season in a day, perhaps? BINGE

60 Therapy subjects: AVERSIONS

62 Run onstage? EMCEE

63 Wrap up: TERMINATE

64 Judges: DEEMS

65 Duty for the bereaved: ESTATETAX


1 Patch plant: BRIAR

2 Nostalgi-cool? RETRO

3 Beginning: ONSET

4 Pabst dispenser: KEG

5 Journey with strokes? EGOTRIP

6 __ noire: BETE

7 Gobi locale: ASIA

8 Search high and low: COMB

9 Apt eye rhyme for "bread": KNEAD

10 Fight in the sticks: RASSLE

11 2019 Emmy nominee Adams: AMY

12 Escaped: MADEITOUT

13 Polar environmental concern: OZONEHOLE

14 Paper departments: NEWSDESKS

21 Approached nightfall: GOTDARK

24 In the world: ONEARTH

26 Looney Tunes surname: LEGHORN

28 Metaphorical margin of victory: EYELASH

29 Contents of some 20-Across: CHAI

30 Having only two answers: YESNO

32 Fight over covers, perhaps? SHAREABED

33 Citrusy flavor: LEMONLIME

34 "The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very __ is an act of rebellion": Camus (attributed): EXISTENCE

35 Votes for: AYES

42 Succeeds to the max: NAILSIT

44 Sri Lankan currency: RUPEES

47 Send to cloud nine: ELATE

49 WWII sub: UBOAT

50 Gift list addressee: SANTA

51 Cape Ann's county: ESSEX

54 Nights before: EVES

55 Rapper Lil Uzi __: VERT

56 Singer Franklin, Aretha's elder sister: ERMA

59 Opal, for one: GEM

61 Suffix with salt: INE

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