LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 April 2019

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Los Angeles Times 8 April 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 April 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Separated from each other: APART

6 Composer Stravinsky: IGOR

10 Ashen: PALE

14 Reclusive sort: LONER

15 Nickname for grandma: NANA

16 Baseball Hall of Famer Slaughter: ENOS

17 Broad decision-making perspective: BIGPICTURE

19 New Haven school: YALE

20 Silent communication syst.: ASL

21 Intoxicated: BOOZY

22 Org. with a five-ring logo: IOC

23 Christmas song: NOEL

25 Social media barrage: TWEETSTORM

29 Slammin' Sammy of golf: SNEAD

31 "Let me in!": OPENUP

32 Figure it out: CATCHON

37 Cavity filler's deg.: DDS

38 Home of many a blue crab: CHESAPEAKEBAY

42 Trivial amount: SOU

43 Daily grind: RATRACE

44 Except if: UNLESS

47 Desert retreats: OASES

51 Announcer's voice, metaphorically: MEALTICKET

56 All-thumbs message, often: TEXT

57 Barn bundle: HAY

58 Peter of "The Maltese Falcon": LORRE

60 Mimic: APE

61 Waffle House alternative: IHOP

63 Hitchcock classic, and a hint to 17-, 25-, 38- and 51-Across: REARWINDOW

65 "Famous" cookie guy: AMOS

66 Angelic aura: HALO

67 Calf-roping loop: NOOSE

68 "Ain't gonna happen": NOPE

69 Taken by mouth, as meds: ORAL

70 Defeated narrowly: EDGED


1 Saint __: English cathedral city: ALBANS

2 Arsenic, e.g.: POISON

3 "Life of Pi" director: ANGLEE

4 Exercise unit: REP

5 Chicago paper, for short: TRIB

6 Hitched to the back of the truck: INTOW

7 First-aid kit item: GAUZE

8 How corned beef is often served: ONRYE

9 Actress Charlotte: RAE

10 Desert hallucinogen: PEYOTE

11 Amazon crusher: ANACONDA

12 Facebook chuckle: LOL

13 Opposite of WNW: ESE

18 Simple bed: COT

22 AOL, for one: ISP

24 Lingerie material: LACE

26 Big name in little trucks: TONKA

27 Former NYC mayor Giuliani: RUDY

28 Base cops, briefly: MPS

30 Prosecutors: Abbr.: DAS

33 Foot bones: TARSI

34 Tax pro: CPA

35 All __ up: excited: HET

36 Dinghy mover: OAR

38 Baskin-Robbins treat: CONE

39 Classic Wham-O toy: HULAHOOP

40 Prefix with logical: ECO

41 Rhythm: BEAT

42 4, in 2 + 2 = 4: SUM

45 Pass, as time: ELAPSE

46 Barnyard enclosure: STY

48 Old salt: SEADOG

49 Revealing news story: EXPOSE

50 Slow-boiled: STEWED

52 Blue-skies forecast word: CLEAR

53 Cute Down Under critter: KOALA

54 Swashbuckling Flynn: ERROL

55 Experian, formerly: TRW

59 Mozart's "__ kleine Nachtmusik": EINE

61 Author Fleming: IAN

62 Medical ins. plan: HMO

63 Letter after pi: RHO

64 Head-bobbing acknowledgment: NOD

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