LA Times Crossword answers Friday 8 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 8 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 8 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Mumbai melody: RAGA

5 Group playing mind games: MENSA

10 Criticizes: RAPS

14 Mocks: APES

15 Poem of 15,000+ lines: ILIAD

16 And more of the same, in brief: ETAL

17 Field worker having a pastrami on rye? FARMERINTHEDELI

20 Like the Godhead: TRIUNE

21 Fantasized: DREAMT

22 Diplomacy: TACT

23 "Isle of Dogs" director Anderson: WES

26 Tom or jack: MALE

27 Prominent part of a Tex-Mex chain's logo? THEBIGCHILI

30 Bygone Mideast gp.: UAR

32 Capital of colonial Burma: RANGOON

33 Bill: TAB

36 "No objection here": SUITSME

38 Try to deal (with): WRESTLE

40 Sharply outline: ETCH

41 Israeli-born designer Tahari: ELIE

42 Kane's boyhood sled: ROSEBUD

46 Taps: FAUCETS

49 Indonesian dive bar? BALIJOINT

51 Memory of the 1996 Olympic flame lighting? ALIINYOURMIND

55 Lucretius' love: AMOR

56 Spry: AGILE

57 Rowers: OARS

59 Pastoral group: HERD

60 Sly tactics: RUSES

61 Simone of song: NINA

62 Revolution constant: AXIS

63 Since Jan. 1: YTD

64 Impede: SLOW


1 Passel: RAFT

2 Besides, with "from": APART

3 Job field that embraces seniority: GERIATRICS

4 To an equal extent: ASMUCH

5 Bog: MIRE

6 Ivy attendee: ELI

7 "Collages" novelist: NIN

8 Couldn't stand anymore? SAT

9 Condition treated by Ritalin, briefly: ADHD

10 Overturned card consequence, perhaps: REDEAL

11 Nibbled: ATEALITTLE

12 ___ d'Or: Cannes award: PALME

13 Cut: SLIT

18 Records: ENTERS

19 Fur that's a symbol of royalty: ERMINE

23 Its nose says a lot about its quality: WINE

24 __ roll: EGG

25 Refuse craft: SCOW

28 Cartoon ruckus sound: BAM

29 Old TV knob: HOR

30 One often paying a fee: USER

31 Soul, for one: AUTO

34 Came down: ALIT

35 They work in cells: BEES

37 1963 film that was a 1991 Horror Hall of Fame inductee: THEBIRDS

39 Strings, woodwinds, etc.: SECTIONS

43 Keurig Dr Pepper brand: BAI

44 Like the "funny bone" nerve: ULNAR

45 Mr. Fixit, casually: DIYGUY

46 Made illegal contact with, in some sports: FOULED

47 Buenos __: AIRES

48 Albuquerque sch.: UNM

50 Floor support: JOIST

51 Visa competitor: AMEX

52 Actress Petty: LORI

53 File target: NAIL

54 Bond baddie: DRNO

55 "Eureka!": AHA

58 Bromide: SAW

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