LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 8 August 2020

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Los Angeles Times 8 August 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 8 August 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Snatch, with "onto": GLOM

5 Low dams: WEIRS

10 Party lineup: DIPS

14 Renaissance painter Guido: RENI

15 Terse denial: AMNOT

16 Classic concert halls: ODEA

17 Letters followed by a colon: ATTN

18 Joined a union: GOTMARRIED

20 Making a noticeable difference: MOVINGTHENEEDLE

22 Scrap: MELEE

23 Hoot? DAMN

24 Borgia who was the son of Pope Alexander VI: CESARE

27 Was effusive with flattery: LAIDITON

31 Last Olds made: ALERO

32 Harry's love: GINNY

33 Translate, perhaps: DUB

34 G.I. component: Abbr.: GOVT

35 39-Across numbers: CENTS

36 Homer Simpson's mom: MONA

37 "... __ the set of sun": "Macbeth": ERE

38 "Treasure Island" pirate Billy: BONES

39 It's often on a tag: PRICE

40 Hall of Fame third baseman who spent 14 seasons with the Cubs: RONSANTO

42 Trade: BARTER

43 Sting, say: HURT

44 En __: on a streak, in slang: FUEGO

46 Not staying connected, in a way: GOINGOFFTHEGRID

52 Bud competitor: MILLERLITE

53 Frankfurt article: EINE

54 For-care connector: ALLI

55 Trucking allowances: TARES

56 Big name in streaming players: ROKU

57 Skin malady: CYST

58 HÅ gar's hound: SNERT

59 Indirect contributor to Achilles' vulnerable spot: STYX


1 What "g" might mean: GRAM

2 "Blade Runner 2049" actor Jared: LETO

3 Airing: ONTV

4 Quick-stop shop: MINIMART

5 Many a golfer's pre-swing move: WAGGLE

6 Avoid being flat? EMOTE

7 At great risk: INTHELINEOFFIRE

8 26-Down's city: ROME


10 Musical start: DOREMI

11 Innocent response: IDIDNTDOIT

12 Take (off): PEEL

13 "The Sweetest Taboo" singer: SADE

19 Good to go: READY

21 "Quo Vadis" role: NERO

24 Blazer or Cav: CAGER

25 Ecuadoran province once famous for its gold: ELORO

26 8-Down feature: SEVENHILLS

28 Word with red or army: ANTS

29 Beverage unit: OUNCE

30 Blazer or Cav: NBAER

32 Refined chap: GENT

35 Twists: CONTORTS

36 2019 Tom Hanks role: MRROGERS

38 Canal craft: BARGE

39 Document part: PAGE

41 Bright, as a patio: SUNLIT

42 Urgent request: BEHEST

45 Say: UTTER

46 Ally Financial Inc., once: GMAC

47 Full of smarm: OILY

48 Eggy dessert: FLAN

49 Cut-up: RIOT

50 Black: INKY

51 First French prime: DEUX

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