LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 8 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 8 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 8 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Race distance: MILE

5 Shrink: ANALYST

12 Traditional koa wood product: UKULELE

19 "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" author Loos: ANITA

21 Unworthy of: BENEATH

22 Started up again: RESUMED

23 __ officer: NAVAL

24 Bishopric cousin: CANONRY

25 Like aftershave after a shave: BRACING

26 1994 A.L. batting champ Paul: ONEILL

28 *Wine ingredient? LONGI

29 *Sarah of "Suits": RAFFERTY

30 Pigment used in rustproof primer paints: REDLEAD

32 Blood lines: VEINS

34 Bananas or nuts: LOONY

37 Monetary "p": PENCE

38 Diamonds, in slang: ROCKS

43 Rib-tickler: JOKE

46 Oval-shaped wind: OCARINA

48 Benefit: AVAIL

49 *Slip through the cracks: OOZE

50 *Traffic stoppers: BRAKES

51 Junk bond rating: CCC

54 Yitzhak's predecessor: GOLDA

55 Allegro non __: fast, but not too fast: TROPPO

57 Umbrella component: RIB

58 Problematic to the max: THORNIEST

60 Gas pump fractions: TENTHS

61 Fermented honey drink: MEAD

64 Mountain nymph: OREAD

65 World Cup "Way to go!": OLE

66 Product with lots of shapes ... or what each of four black squares effectively is? ANIMALCRACKER

70 Poli-__: SCI

73 Absinthe flavoring: ANISE

74 A-line line: SEAM

75 Bench warmer? BOTTOM

77 Stone set alone: SOLITAIRE

81 Basic card game: WAR

83 1994 Olympic gold medalist skater Baiul: OKSANA

84 __ donna: PRIMA

85 Triple __: liqueur: SEC

86 *Take by force: HIJACK

88 *"A Clockwork Orange" antihero: ALEX

89 Keys: ISLES

90 South American river with a crocodile namesake: ORINOCO

92 Clumsy boats: ARKS

93 Tribal emblem: TOTEM

94 Minty cocktail: JULEP

96 Gun: REVUP

98 Daredevil's stock-in-trade: PERIL

99 Put out: EMITTED

104 *Closely match: PARALLEL

109 *Aconcagua's range: ANDES

114 Conditionally let out: PAROLE

115 Winning game after game: ONATEAR

116 They're seen among the reeds: OBOISTS

118 Samurai lacking a master: RONIN

119 Go back over: RETRACE

120 Superheroes always have them: NEMESES

121 They come with strings attached: YOYOS

122 Fine-tuned: TWEAKED

123 Krypton, but not Tatooine: ELEMENT

124 Canapé spread: PATE


1 Bruce Wayne lives in one: MANOR

2 Pointless: INANE

3 Stayed: LIVED

4 Business for many Amazon explorers? ETAIL

5 Agatha Christie's "The __ Murders": ABC

6 "The Day the Earth Stood Still" actress Patricia: NEAL

7 Part of A.D.: ANNO

8 Musician Redbone: LEON

9 Half the taijitu symbol: YANG

10 Tried hard: STRIVEN

11 *Biblical possessive: THY

12 Polished: URBANE

13 Grooves made by a saw: KERFS

14 Sky-high gp.: USAF

15 Time co-founder: LUCE

16 Mideast leader: EMIR

17 Fast time: LENT

18 On pins and needles: EDGY

20 *Gene variant: ALLELE

27 Vientiane native: LAO

29 Ocasek of the Cars: RIC

31 Means of access: DOOR

33 *Put on the books: ENACT

35 Elon University st.: NCAR

36 Washington city where Olympic skiers Phil and Steve Mahre were born: YAKIMA

37 Circle ratios: PIS

38 *Norse mythology battle used as the subtitle of a 2017 "Thor" film: RAGNAROK

39 Egg-shaped: OVOID

40 Racer Yarborough: CALE

41 Roasts, in a way: KIDS

42 Blind segment: SLAT

43 Brando role in 1978's "Superman": JOREL

44 Critical layer: OZONE

45 Fulfilled: KEPT

47 Defies authority: REBELS

49 Ringling Brothers brother: OTTO

50 Half a Balkan country: BOSNIA

52 Prefix with -aholic: CHOC

53 Magnum stopper: CORK

56 *Ghost: PHANTASM

59 Boston-based sportswear giant: REEBOK

62 Hotshot: ACE

63 Attract: DRAWIN

67 Goddess with a throne headdress: ISIS

68 Insignificant: MERE

69 Key of Schubert's "Trout Quintet": AMAJOR

70 Cornfield sight: STALK

71 Sundae alternatives: CONES

72 Big name in movies? IMAX

73 Mann of 'Til Tuesday: AIMEE

76 Winter Palace resident: TSAR

77 Roasting rod: SPIT

78 Rounding phrase: ORSO

79 Merry-go-round tune: LILT

80 *Dangerous strain: ECOLI

82 Derby, perhaps: RACE

86 Cool: HIP

87 Anchorage for a galleon: COVE

91 Mark down, maybe: RELABEL

92 *Place abuzz with activity: APIARY

94 Sent raspberries to? JEERED

95 Text letters often in blue: URL

97 Diamond pro: UMP

98 Location: PLACE

100 Body with arms? TROOP

101 1994 rival of Nancy: TONYA

102 "The Cocktail Party" playwright: ELIOT

103 Fog modifier: DENSE

104 Red dessert wine: PORT

105 From square one: ANEW

106 Appraise: RATE

107 Cutting-edge brand? ATRA

108 Security problem: LEAK

110 Iditarod terminus: NOME

111 Carpe __: DIEM

112 "__ quam videri": 35-Down motto: ESSE

113 WWII weapon: STEN

116 *It's next to nothing: ONE

117 JFK arrival, once: SST

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