LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 8 December 2016

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Los Angeles Times 8 December 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 8 December 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Throws the first pitch: STARTS

7 Find fault: CARP

11 Bygone Ford: LTD

14 They may be hard: CIDERS

15 Tavern: ALEHOUSE

17 Hunt's TV co-star: REISER

18 "Next subject": MOVINGON

19 Made dinner at home: ATEIN

20 "Sold!": DEAL

21 CIA predecessor: OSS

22 Historic Potomac estate: MOUNTVERNON

25 Son-gun connection: OFA

26 __ land: disputed territory: NOMANS

31 Rueful word: ALAS

35 Quick snack: NOSH

37 Simple home: TEPEE

38 With 40-Across, NPR broadcast since 1979: MORNING

40 See 38-Across: EDITION

42 Word with box or light: IDIOT

43 Levelheaded: SANE

45 Timer drizzler: SAND

46 Mussel habitat: SEABED

48 Uno plus due: TRE

49 "Life of Brian" comedy group: MONTYPYTHON

56 Plant studied by Mendel: PEA

59 With 41-Down, tries for a long pass, in football lingo: GOES

60 Odor: AROMA

61 First or last quarter ... and, literally, what can be found on either end of 18-, 22-, 38-/40- and 49-Across: HALFMOON

63 Action scenes: CHASES

64 Get-out-of-jail card? BAILBOND

65 Museum guide: DOCENT

66 32-Down contents: ORE

67 Fruity coolers: ADES

68 "Nothing to it!": SOEASY


1 Make a run for it: SCRAM

2 Connect with: TIETO

3 Parting mot: ADIEU

4 Lacquer ingredient: RESIN

5 Former Senator Lott: TRENT

6 Lat. or Lith., once: SSR

7 Traffic enforcement devices: CAMERAS

8 Take out __: ALOAN

9 Love Is On makeup maker: REVLON

10 Upsilon follower: PHI

11 Hauls: LUGS

12 Menu possessive linked to the Qing dynasty: TSOS

13 Place in the woods: DEN

16 Tokyo-born artist: ONO

20 Gets the mist off: DEFOGS

23 World Cup skiing champ Lindsey: VONN

24 "Moi?!": NOTI

27 Citi Field squad: METS

28 Polynesian capital: APIA

29 Bright sign: NEON

30 Text command: SEND

31 "Time's Arrow" author: AMIS

32 66-Across source: LODE

33 Covent Garden solo: ARIA

34 Pretentious sort: SNOB

36 Eight British kings: HENRYS

39 Agenda listing: ITEM

41 See 59-Across: DEEP

44 Shows up: ATTENDS

47 Give to charity, say: DOGOOD

50 Peter of Herman's Hermits: NOONE

51 Webmail option: YAHOO

52 Copy exactly: TRACE

53 Old Testament prophet: HOSEA

54 Future foretellers: OMENS

55 Really bad: NASTY

56 Carson forerunner: PAAR

57 Nobelist Wiesel: ELIE

58 Duck mascot company, on the NYSE: AFL

61 Starz rival: HBO

62 Kellogg School deg.: MBA

63 Some retirement acct. holdings: CDS

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