LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 December 2020

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Los Angeles Times 8 December 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 December 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Pete Seeger's instrument: BANJO

6 Biblical song: PSALM

11 Chocolate dog: LAB

14 Hunter in the night sky: ORION

15 Radio station, e.g.: AIRER

16 Physicians' gp.: AMA

17 Creator of unique gallery pieces: NICHEARTIST

19 Jake Tapper's channel: CNN

20 Adam's first home: EDEN

21 Neptune's domain: SEA

22 "Amen": SOBEIT

24 "Louder, please": ICANTHEARYOU

27 Cry out loud: SOB

30 Make a choice: OPT

31 Ctrl+Z, in Windows: UNDO

32 Ruin's companion: WRACK

34 Blonde or pale beverage: ALE

35 Slime: GOOP

39 TV soap for 54 years ... and a hint to the puzzle circles: ASTHEWORLDTURNS

43 Mug for a selfie: POSE

44 Nile viper: ASP

45 Race prelims: HEATS

46 Behaves: ACTS

48 One of two for a downhill run: SKI

50 Movie filming site: LOT

51 Free on request: FORTHEASKING

56 Playground bully, e.g.: ABUSER

57 Butter square: PAT

58 Waikiki Beach location: OAHU

62 "Little Birds" author Anas: NIN

63 Motorcyclist's state-of-the-art gear: SMARTHELMET

66 First day of spring, in Hanoi: TET

67 Conical plains shelter: TEPEE

68 Car alarm sound: BLARE

69 Biblical beast of burden: ASS

70 Scornful look: SNEER

71 Modern storage units: BYTES


1 Tibia or humerus: BONE

2 Dry as a desert: ARID

3 Naughty's opposite, to Santa: NICE

4 First of 21 Popes: JOHNI

5 Number that's its own square root: ONE

6 Mother or grandmother, e.g.: PARENT

7 Occupy, as a desk: SITAT

8 Phoenix MLB team, on scoreboards: ARI


10 "The Wind in the Willows" amphibian: MRTOAD

11 Cagney's TV partner: LACEY

12 OB/GYN procedure: AMNIO

13 African language group: BANTU

18 "Instantly!" letters: ASAP

23 Irish accent: BROGUE

25 Pepsi rival: COKE

26 Main body of the Constitution? HULL

27 Give and take: SWAP

28 Thereabouts: ORSO

29 Ones hanging out in caves: BATS

33 Ignores the rules: CHEATS

34 Dada co-founder: ARP

36 Like some traditions: ORAL

37 Not fooled by: ONTO

38 Hissed "Over here!": PSST

40 Guys in the fishing business, e.g.: WATERMEN

41 Mount of Greek myth: OSSA

42 Pizza crust order: THIN

47 Places for ribs: CHESTS

48 One doing axels: SKATER

49 Kin's partner: KITH

51 Fruity soda brand: FANTA

52 Village Voice awards: OBIES

53 Littlest littermates: RUNTS

54 "Shop 'til you drop" affair: SPREE

55 "Wowie!": GOLLY

59 Amo, amas, __: AMAT

60 "Take it!": HERE

61 Tribe with a state named for it: UTES

64 Impersonate: APE

65 Tidal flow: EBB

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