LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 December 2021

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Los Angeles Times 8 December 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 December 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Midday tide-me-over: SNACK

6 Landlocked African land: CHAD

10 Acrimony: BILE

14 Common wrist measurement: PULSE

15 Tatting fabric: LACE

16 Geometry calculation: AREA

17 Execs who only look the part: EMPTYSUITS

19 Pics for docs: MRIS

20 Stephen Colbert's network: CBS

21 Jury makeup: PEERS

22 Beyond heavy: OBESE

23 Burden: TAX

24 Screwdriver, e.g.: TOOL

25 Ostentatiously nice sort: GOODYTWOSHOES

31 MLB game-ending accomplishments: SAVES

32 Tomatoes used to make paste: ROMAS

33 Guest beyond a velvet rope: VIP

35 Pac-12 squad: UTES

36 Shrink in fear: COWER

37 Spreadsheet input: DATA

38 Debussy's sea: MER

39 Expert: MAVEN

40 More delicate: FINER

41 Pompous types: STUFFEDSHIRTS

44 High-flying mil. group: USAF

45 __ museum: ART

46 Land divisions: ACRES

48 Hard stuff: BOOZE

51 Pollution watchdog org.: EPA

54 Designated money: FUND

55 Pretentiously elegant one: FANCYPANTS

57 Help in a bad way: ABET

58 Puckish: ARCH

59 Type of coffee or whiskey: IRISH

60 Start from scratch: REDO

61 Simple tops: TEES

62 Tot's tea party guest: TEDDY


1 Project detail: SPEC

2 Without feeling: NUMB

3 European range: ALPS

4 Wisconsin winter hrs.: CST

5 Security system components: KEYPADS

6 Game with rooms: CLUE

7 Rapunzel's "ladder": HAIR

8 Play divisions: ACTS

9 __ Moines: DES

10 Panda's diet: BAMBOO

11 Of no consequence: IRRELEVANT

12 Parts of Hawaiian greetings: LEIS

13 Get (into) carefully: EASE

18 Attention-getting, in a way: SEXY

22 Reactions to fireworks: OOHS

23 Little piggies: TOES

24 Winter Palace monarch: TSAR

25 Starting spots for some races: GATES

26 Reversed on appeal: OVERTURNED

27 Treasure __: TROVE

28 Blew away: WOWED

29 Dark clouds, maybe: OMENS

30 Internet destinations: SITES

31 What a capital sigma symbolizes, in math: SUM

34 Course standard: PAR

36 Informal London eatery: CAFF

37 Gossip: DIRT

39 Degs. for choreographers: MFAS

40 Campsite staple: FIREPIT

42 Familiar with: USEDTO

43 Unclear: HAZY

46 Off in the distance: AFAR

47 Rubik creation: CUBE

48 Reveal: BARE

49 Almost never: ONCE

50 Protest singer Phil: OCHS

51 Children's author Blyton: ENID

52 Returning GI's diagnosis: PTSD

53 Pallid: ASHY

55 Considerable, as a bonus: FAT

56 "Where __ you now?": ARE

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