LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 8 February 2020

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Los Angeles Times 8 February 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 8 February 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "We're done here": CASECLOSED


14 Lead-in for an old saw: ASTHESAYINGGOES

16 Bio lab preparation: STAIN

17 Star associated with Venus: SERENA

18 It may be taken before a vote: POLL

19 Reality: FACT

23 __ Stadium, home to the 49ers: LEVIS

24 Wild fruit is a feature of it: PALEODIET

27 Unadon fish: EELS

28 Manufacturing statistic: NEWORDERS

30 Either co-author of Curious George books: REY

31 Ward of "FBI": SELA

32 Clubs for Cubs: BATS

34 Movement-controlling pedal: GAS

37 Decides when: SETSADATE

40 Aphrodite's love child: EROS

42 Fill up again: REPLENISH

44 Opposite of original: TIRED

46 Baseball's Maglie and Bando: SALS

47 TurboTax pros: CPAS

49 Tequila sources: AGAVES

51 Short-legged lizard: SKINK

52 Song title line after "once, twice": THREETIMESALADY

57 Basements, to Realtors: TERRACELEVELS

58 Sources of sprays: NEBULIZERS


1 Andorra's only official language: CATALAN

2 Victim of Paris: ACHILLES

3 Understood: SEEN

4 "Men in Black" gp.: ETS

5 "Men in black" gp., some say: CIA

6 Myrna who played Nora Charles: LOY

7 S’, across the Pyrenees: OUI

8 Figs. with two dashes: SSNS

9 Tannenbaum topper: ENGEL

10 Master's award: DEGREE

11 Depth-of-field setting: FSTOP

12 To any extent: SOEVER

13 Declining in later years: SENILE

14 Slithery danger: ASP

15 Back-talking: SASSY

19 Bit of deception: FOOLER

20 Marketing fees: ADRATES

21 "El Cantar de m’o __": Castilian epic poem: CID

22 Minor league game? TEEBALL

25 Farm animals that sound like trees: EWES

26 Sports news highlights: TRADES

29 Hockey Hall of Famer Mikita: STAN

33 Exacting sort: STICKLER

34 Try to say: GETAT

35 Correctly: ARIGHT

36 Like a June day, to Lowell: SORARE

38 Where many get manis: SPA

39 Observations: ESPIALS

41 The U.S. Naval Academy is situated at its mouth: SEVERN

43 Piano duet quartet: HANDS

45 Caterpillar rival: DEERE

48 Word with box or dome: SKY

50 Whack: STAB

51 Act with a rainy day in mind? SAVE

53 Hosp. area with few visitors: ICU

54 "AGT" judge __ B: MEL

55 Singer in the Whiffenpoofs, e.g.: ELI

56 Slangy states? SEZ

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