LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 February 2022

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Los Angeles Times 8 February 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 February 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Salon tool: COMB

5 Bay of Naples isle: CAPRI

10 Underworld boss: SATAN

15 Actor Sharif: OMAR

16 Setting for some van Gogh works: ARLES

17 Salad fruit: OLIVE

18 Stringed instrument played by Jerry Garcia in the intro to CSNY's "Teach Your Children": PEDALSTEELGUITAR

21 Says, "We're through!": ENDSIT

22 Aspire laptop maker: ACER

23 Jar top: LID

24 Silky to the touch: SMOOTH

26 Flip chart holders: EASELS

29 Have high aspirations, despite being warned not to: GETYOURHOPESUP

33 Environmental prefix: ECO

34 __ kwon do: TAE

35 Say over and over: ITERATE

38 Model Campbell: NAOMI

41 Stumble: TRIP

43 Protection: AEGIS

44 Home of the NBA's Magic: ORLANDO

46 Nintendo's Super __: NES

48 CPR specialist: EMT

49 "Based on what they tell me ... ": ASFARASICANSEE

53 Water depth unit: FATHOM

55 Newspaper space measurement: LINAGE

56 Laudatory verse: ODE

57 Cries of discovery: OHOS

59 Regal domains: REALMS

63 Land movement spanning millennia ... or what each set of circles suggests: CONTINENTALDRIFT

67 Like a loud crowd: AROAR

68 In unison: ASONE

69 Hebrides hillside: BRAE

70 Author Carroll: LEWIS

71 Warning opening: DONOT

72 Rural agreement: YESM


1 Deal with it: COPE

2 Gathering clouds, maybe: OMEN

3 Anti-DUI acronym: MADD

4 Like trumpet music: BRASSY

5 Remove, as a demon: CASTOUT

6 Class with easels: ART

7 Synthetic sofa portmanteau: PLEATHER

8 Bounce back again: REECHO

9 Archipelago part: ISLE

10 Trifling amount: SOU

11 Boxing legend: ALI

12 Book names are on them: TITLEPAGES

13 Benefit: AVAIL

14 Comic-Con attendees: NERDS

19 Fancy airport ride: LIMO

20 Say hi to: GREET

25 Soapbox speaker: ORATOR

27 Between ports: ASEA

28 "You bet!": SURE

29 UConn women's basketball coach __ Auriemma: GENO

30 Plug-in vehicle, briefly: ECAR

31 "You missed your chance": TOOLATENOW

32 Supply, as Muzak: PIPEIN

36 It's up at the end of the test: TIME

37 Sunrise direcci—n: ESTE

39 Sitcom set in Korea: MASH

40 Scoop: INFO

42 Be emphatic about: INSISTON

45 Private Ryan portrayer Matt: DAMON

47 Hester Prynne's letter color: SCARLET

50 "The Tempest" king: ALONSO

51 Like much brandy: AGED

52 Close at hand: NEARBY

53 Kind of point: FOCAL

54 Be gaga over: ADORE

58 Noggin: HEAD

60 Old Pisa dough: LIRE

61 Advanced lit. degrees: MFAS

62 Academic acronym: STEM

64 __ chi: TAI

65 E-file agcy.: IRS

66 2022, por ejemplo: ANO

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