LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 January 2018

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Los Angeles Times 8 January 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 January 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Green gem: JADE

5 Actress Greta: GARBO

10 Ponzi scheme, for one: SCAM

14 Boy in "The Kite Runner": AMIR

15 Toward the back: AREAR

16 When tripled, a 1970 WWII film: TORA

17 Spanish "nothing": NADA

18 Free, in France: LIBRE

19 Reddish-brown horse: ROAN

20 Israeli submachine gun: UZI

21 Admit to wrongdoing in court: PLEADGUILTY

23 Embark from a dock: SETSAIL

25 Spaniel's welcome: ARF

26 Indian-born storekeeper on "The Simpsons": APU

27 Bening of "American Beauty": ANNETTE

31 Location-based smartphone game release of 2016: POKEMONGO

35 Half a bray: HAW

36 Radio knob: TUNER

37 1998 biopic about model Carangi: GIA

38 Travelocity ad figure: GNOME

40 Ctrl-__-Delete: PC reboot combo: ALT

41 Similar set of individuals: PEERGROUP

43 Reveal: DIVULGE

46 Help: AID

47 Negative connection: NOR

48 Climbing plant: CREEPER

52 Inland sea between Iran and Saudi Arabia: PERSIANGULF

57 Dockworkers' gp.: ILA

58 Soothing plant extract: ALOE

59 Pageant headgear: TIARA

60 Prefix with lateral: EQUI

61 Arctic seabird: SKUA

62 No __ sight: ENDIN

63 Bugs Bunny adversary Elmer: FUDD

64 Smartphone message: TEXT

65 Gave medicine to: DOSED

66 Golf ball supports: TEES


1 Two-faced god: JANUS

2 Fill with wonder: AMAZE

3 Completed the task: DIDIT

4 Significant period: ERA

5 Steel-gray metallic element: GALLIUM

6 Disney mermaid: ARIEL

7 Country star McEntire: REBA

8 The __: Shakespeare: BARD

9 Pizza herb: OREGANO

10 Conflict: STRIFE

11 Like much fall weather: COOL

12 "I smell __!": ARAT

13 Lots of: MANY

21 Daily news source: PAPER

22 Coffee vessel: URN

24 Japanese alcoholic beverage: SAKE

27 Ice cream thickener: AGAR

28 Old-style you: THOU

29 Pack (down) firmly: TAMP

30 Sheep girl: EWE

31 Sheepdog from Hungary: PULI

32 Being aired: ONTV

33 S-shaped molding: OGEE

34 Never, in Dortmund: NIE

36 Little bit: TAD

38 Bereavement: GRIEF

39 Bump on a branch: NODE

41 Like many animated films ... and a hint to 21-, 31-, 41- and 52-Across: PGRATED

42 Floral wreath: GARLAND

44 Remove from office: UNSEAT

45 Law, in Lille: LOI

48 Madame of physics: CURIE

49 Arouse, as interest: PIQUE

50 Avoid capture by: ELUDE

51 Surprise attacks: RAIDS

52 Good old days: PAST

53 Actress Sommer: ELKE

54 Gumbo thickener: ROUX

55 El __: weather phenomenon: NINO

56 Wanders restlessly: GADS

60 Baby newt: EFT

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