LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 January 2020

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Los Angeles Times 8 January 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 January 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Clemson's NCAA div.: ACC

4 Thom of shoes: MCAN

8 Preposterous: ABSURD

14 Mexican Mrs.: SRA

15 "__ that the truth!": AINT

16 Bullpen ace: CLOSER

17 "Killing Eve" star: SANDRAOH

19 Remote: LONELY

20 Cockpit figure: AVIATOR

21 Award-winning "A Raisin in the Sun" actress: RUBYDEE

22 Yin partner: YANG

23 It's a long story: SAGA

25 Legal postponement: STAY

26 Terrific bargain: STEAL

28 West with 21 Grammys: KANYE

31 Sugar suffix: OSE

32 Open __ night: MIC

34 Bathtub buildup: SCUM

35 Spot for pillow talk: BED

36 "Full Frontal" host: SAMANTHABEE

39 23-campus West Coast ed. system: CSU

41 General Bradley: OMAR

42 Ariz. neighbor: NEV

43 Part of MYOB and BYOB: OWN

44 Justice Sotomayor: SONIA

46 Big name in whisky: DEWAR

50 Wine quality: NOSE

52 Long-running Mark Harmon military drama: NCIS

54 Congregation area: NAVE

55 First chief justice: JOHNJAY

58 Made a comeback: RALLIED

60 Synchronicity: UNISON

61 "Take Good Care of My Baby" singer: BOBBYVEE

62 Fame: RENOWN

63 Luminous glow: AURA

64 KC-to-NYC dir.: ENE

65 English Channel swimmer: EDERLE

66 Walk of Fame figure: STAR

67 CD-__: ROM


1 Analyzes for purity: ASSAYS

2 Decorative neckwear: CRAVAT

3 Bloodhound, e.g.: CANINE

4 Gas station store: MART

5 They're often exchanged in Venice: CIAOS

6 Hooded Arctic jacket: ANORAK

7 Unspecified degree: NTH

8 Org. with a "Speak Freely" blog: ACLU

9 Gooey mass: BLOB

10 Some HDTVs: SONYS


12 Turn loose: RELEASE

13 Unmoved: DRYEYED

18 Portuguese explorer Vasco: DAGAMA

21 Italian alternative: RANCH

24 Stomach-related: GASTRIC

27 Bridal party rides: LIMOS

29 Chinese currency: YUAN

30 Insert into an email, as a video: EMBED

33 Commando garb, for short: CAMO

36 Pleasant forecast word: SUNSHINE

37 Live-in helper, perhaps: NANNY

38 In equal shares: EVENLY

39 Cast a spell, say: CONJURE

40 Passed out: SWOONED

45 Freshen by opening windows: AIROUT

47 Written relinquishing of rights: WAIVER

48 "Skin Mind Balance" brand: AVEENO

49 Cash in: REDEEM

51 Former CNN journalist David: ENSOR

53 Hummus brand: SABRA

56 Lower jaw: JOWL

57 Pulitzer poet Sexton: ANNE

59 Letter-shaped brace: LBAR

61 English lit degrees: BAS

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