LA Times Crossword answers Friday 8 January 2021

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Los Angeles Times 8 January 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 8 January 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Architectural recess: APSE

5 Good enough: OKAY

9 Grad: ALUM

13 "A New Day Has Come" singer: DION

14 Like ErtŽ's art: DECO

15 Compensate: REPAY

17 Full of anticipation: AGOG

18 Subject to being wiped out: ERADICABLE

20 Source of some TV content: MINIS

22 Kardashian matriarch: KRIS

23 "We __ alone": ARENOT

25 Genetic connection: LIN

27 Bridge protectors: NOSEPADS

30 Promotional giveaways: TIEINS

32 Explosive initials: TNT

33 "Bob's Burgers" sibling: TINA

35 Fellows: LADS

36 Sports bet based on total points scored ... or a hint to answering four puzzle clues: OVERUNDER

39 Chamonix peak: ALPE

41 Retro ski resort sight: TBAR

42 Inexact no.: EST

45 Like a busy chimney sweep's clothes: SOOTED

47 Collide with: SLAMINTO

50 Impediment to walking down a hallway: CLU

52 Bleeping editor: CENSOR

53 Hawkeye State campus town: AMES

55 Recommendation for better health: MEDI

58 Evil fairy played by Angelina Jolie: MALEFICENT

61 Kurylenko of "Quantum of Solace": OLGA

62 In a heap: PILED

63 Bravo preceder: ALFA

64 It's not optional: NEED

65 Tibetan honorific: LAMA

66 Alka-Seltzer jingle word: PLOP

67 International gas brand: ESSO


1 Hardheaded: ADAMANT

2 Blast furnace output: PIGIRON

3 With the least delay: SOONEST

4 Word with steam or fire: ENGINE

5 Many a poem by Sharon Olds: ODE

6 NBA coach Steve: KERR

7 Amazon berry: ACAI

8 Alpine song: YODEL

9 Continuing story line: ARC

10 Source of inside info, perhaps: LEAK

11 Criticize severely: UPBRAID

12 Casts in a bad light: MALIGNS

16 Green lights: YESES

19 "You sure of that?": ISIT

21 Soak (up): SOP

24 Thames gallery: TATE

26 African river to the Mediterranean: NILE

28 Topsoil: DIRT

29 Treats with disdain: SNUBS

31 Hammer home? EAR

34 Uptight: ANAL

36 Go (for): OPT

37 Nair rival that originally had "N" as its first letter: VEET

38 Horror icon, for short: DRAC

39 Web service since 1993: AOLMAIL

40 Parsons of old Hollywood gossip: LOUELLA

42 Stores on a farm: ENSILES

43 Trio in funny shorts: STOOGES

44 Storm often chased: TORNADO

45 Mischief-maker: SCAMP

46 "Sorry Not Sorry" singer Lovato: DEMI

48 "Give __ break!": MEA

49 Chant: INTONE

51 Summarize: RECAP

54 Come across as: SEEM

56 Inspiron maker: DELL

57 Lowdown: INFO

59 HHS agency: FDA

60 Touchscreen touch: TAP

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