LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 July 2019

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Los Angeles Times 8 July 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 July 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Head honcho: BOSS

5 Bird's crop: CRAW

9 Fare in a pigsty: SLOP

13 Canal about which the 1905 song "Low Bridge, Everybody Down" was written: ERIE

14 Subs from delis: HEROS

16 One can be painted or papered: WALL

17 Tattle: TELL

18 Now, in Nicaragua: AHORA

19 On the ocean: ASEA

20 Investigating team in "Sherlock": HOLMESANDWATSON

23 Limbs in sleeves: ARMS

24 "__ woods these are I think I know": Frost: WHOSE

25 Black __ : covert missions: OPS

28 "Moby-Dick" narrator: ISHMAEL

32 Archaeologist's find: RELIC

34 Ventilation: AIR

35 Turkey meat choice: DARK

39 Investigating team in "Dragnet": FRIDAYANDGANNON

43 Is the right size: FITS

44 Eisenhower nickname: IKE

45 Jack of "Twin Peaks": NANCE

46 Losing weight: ONADIET

49 __ out: just manage: EKE

50 Sugar substitute brand: EQUAL

54 "The Andy Griffith Show" tyke: OPIE

56 Investigating team in "The X-Files": MULDERANDSCULLY

63 Tight connection, as between mother and baby: BOND

64 "... had a farm, __": EIEIO

65 In __ of: replacing: LIEU

66 Bibliography space saver: ETAL

67 "The Wife" actress Close: GLENN

68 Unceasingly: EVER

69 Steak order: RARE

70 Fr. holy women: STES

71 Part that's left: REST


1 Second Hebrew letter: BETH

2 Three-ply snack: OREO

3 Window ledge: SILL

4 1965 Alabama march site: SELMA

5 Deep fissures: CHASMS

6 Discuss to death: REHASH

7 Elvis __ Presley: ARON

8 Scrabble play: WORD

9 Lawn mower's trail: SWATH

10 Roundup rope: LASSO

11 Spreads on breads: OLEOS

12 Piper Cub, e.g.: PLANE

15 Observed: SAW

21 Author Jong: ERICA

22 Shoemaker's tool: AWL

25 "Carmina Burana" composer: ORFF

26 Prefix with scope or meter: PERI

27 Use a box cutter on: SLIT

29 Like horses' necks: MANED

30 Help: AID

31 Work unit: ERG

33 Cards shown to get past bouncers: IDS

35 Some trial evidence: DNA

36 Diarist Frank: ANNE

37 __ the boat: make waves: ROCK

38 Leg joint: KNEE

40 Yang partner: YIN

41 Alias letters: AKA

42 Caper: ANTIC

46 Corrida cheer: OLE

47 "I" on the periodic table: IODINE

48 Many office printers: EPSONS

50 Live coal fragment: EMBER

51 Marketing target: QUOTA

52 Of an arm bone: ULNAR

53 Bewilder: ADDLE

55 Swiss calculus pioneer: EULER

57 Rule, for short: REG

58 Isn't feeling up to par: AILS

59 Bygone Nair rival: NEET

60 Being broadcast as it happens: LIVE

61 Wranglers alternative: LEES

62 Asian tent: YURT

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