LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 July 2020

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Los Angeles Times 8 July 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 July 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 More ironic, as a smile: WRYER

6 Bunyan's blue ox: BABE

10 Questlove hairdo: AFRO

14 "... said __ ever": NOONE

15 "Jeopardy!" host Trebek: ALEX

16 Dull: BLAH

17 "Horsefeathers!": BALDERDASH

19 "Piece of cake!": EASY

20 One-celled creature: AMOEBA

21 Artist's paint holder: PALETTE

23 Having prolonged success: ONAROLL

26 Air traffic branch of the DOT: FAA

27 Imbibes to excess: DRINKSLIKEAFISH

32 Actress Chaplin: OONA

33 Instrument from the French for "high wood": OBOE

34 Cal. column: MON

35 Sea debris: JETSAM

37 Eateries' outdoor seating areas: PATIOS

40 Boater or bowler: HAT

41 Sleeper agent: MOLE

44 Org. that collects workplace injury data: OSHA

45 Wee-hours program with James Corden: THELATELATESHOW

49 "Ouch!": YOW

50 Take up again: READOPT

51 Treatise on verse: POETICS

53 Confession about the last piece of cake: IATEIT

58 Fencing sword: EPEE

59 Lots of freedom, as illustrated in each set of circles: ALONGLEASH

62 Alan of "M*A*S*H": ALDA

63 Head of France: TETE

64 App with pics, familiarly: INSTA

65 Get fresh with: SASS

66 Canadian gas: ESSO

67 Early fur trader: ASTOR


1 Org. with the Sun, Storm and Sky: WNBA

2 Go here and there: ROAM

3 "Life is short" initialism: YOLO

4 "The Neverending Story" author: ENDE

5 Adidas subsidiary: REEBOK

6 Word that oddly can mean "good" in slang: BAD

7 Chicken __ king: ALA

8 Custom-made: BESPOKE

9 Sigh, say: EXHALE

10 Have __ in one's bonnet: ABEE

11 Common paint choice for ceilings: FLATFINISH

12 Bob Marley and Bunny Wailer: RASTAS

13 "I remember now": OHYEAH

18 Kidnapper's demand: RANSOM

22 Peruvian pack animal: LLAMA

24 Neighbor of Greece: Abbr.: ALB

25 2016 Olympics city: RIO

27 Attorney General's org.: DOJ

28 __ v. Wade: ROE

29 Overwhelmed with diner orders, as a server: INTHEWEEDS

30 Like Fran Drescher's voice: NASAL

31 Pics: FOTOS

36 Pong game maker: ATARI

37 Domesticated farm squealer: PETPIG

38 "What have we here?!": OHO

39 Carpenter's tool: SAW

41 The first "M" in the MMR vaccine: MEASLES

42 Same __ story: OLD

43 Philosopher __-tzu: LAO

45 Ambitious, outgoing sorts: TYPEAS

46 Hubbub: HOOPLA

47 Beer named for a Baja city: TECATE

48 Latin "and others": ETALIA

52 High times? TEAS

54 Change for a twenty, maybe: TENS

55 Toward sunrise: EAST

56 Analogy words: ISTO

57 "__ she blows!": THAR

60 Tie-breakers: Abbr.: OTS

61 Classical prefix: NEO

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