LA Times Crossword answers Friday 8 July 2022

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Los Angeles Times 8 July 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 8 July 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Political commentator Navarro: ANA

4 Dump: SCRAP

9 Whom Cordelia calls "As mad as the vex'd sea": LEAR

13 Marvel Comics artist Buscema: SAL

14 People who call New Zealand "Aotearoa": MAORI

15 Far from ordinary: ALIEN

17 Piano trio? SYLLABLES

19 Earth sign: VIRGO

20 Ordinary: USUAL

21 Confront: FACE

23 Mideast carrier: ELAL

24 "The Body in the Library" sleuth: MARPLE

26 Big grazer: ELK

28 "Who am __ argue?": ITO

29 Watched warily: EYED

30 String quintet? CONSONANTS

34 Start to bat? ACRO

35 Planning session contribution: IDEAS

36 Duet for bassoon and bass fiddle? DOUBLELETTERS

41 "Grazie" reply: PREGO

42 Bigelow products: TEAS

43 Duet for oboe and vibraphone? LONGVOWELS

46 Dost possess: HAST

50 Mil. mail site: APO

51 Feta source: EWE

52 One to hold on to: KEEPER

54 Tenerife, por ejemplo: ISLA

56 "Why don't we?": LETS

59 Dishwasher handle: AMANA

60 Really bad turnout: NOONE

62 Fl├╝gelhorn solo? DIACRITIC

64 Cotton candy, mostly: SUGAR

65 Like Santa's helpers: ELFIN

66 Groundbreaking tool: HOE

67 Donor card datum: TYPE

68 Monopoly cards: DEEDS

69 Time pieces: Abbr.: YRS


1 Trust without verifying: ASSUME

2 Speak against: NAYSAY

3 Magazine with annual Best of Beauty awards: ALLURE

4 Minor: SMALL

5 Red choice: CAB

6 Massage deeply: ROLF

7 Sod buyer's calculation: AREA

8 Water sign: PISCES


10 Nobelist Wiesel: ELIE

11 Plane: AIRLINER

12 Meets near the shore? REGATTAS

16 "Good riddance": NOLOSS

18 "The Rookie" org.: LAPD

22 Jeff Lynne's band: ELO

25 "A time to every purpose" Bible bk.: ECCL

27 Gentle washer setting: KNITS

31 Minecraft resource: ORE

32 "Cape Fear" co-star: NOLTE

33 Drink suffix: ADE

34 Superior to: ABOVE

36 Finishes one's studies, in a way: DROPSOUT

37 Viniculture science: OENOLOGY

38 Comfy shoe brand: UGG

39 Unadon fish: EEL

40 Chore: TASK

41 Great __: Midwest region: PLAINS

44 Bird in the Duolingo logo: OWL

45 Took care of garden pests: WEEDED

46 Powerful engine: HEMI

47 Indifference: APATHY

48 On the job longer: SENIOR

49 Vestiges: TRACES

53 Brings in: EARNS

55 "I think somebody needs __!": ANAP

57 Shower wall unit: TILE

58 Protected: SAFE

61 Before, in an old ode: ERE

63 El __: CID

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