LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 8 June 2019

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Los Angeles Times 8 June 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 8 June 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 "Yikes!": OHNO

5 "Dance of the Seven Veils" play: SALOME

11 Common commuter letters: MTA

14 __ red: BEET

15 Got around: ELUDED

16 Slur in musical notation, e.g.: ARC

17 Not at all slack: TAUT

18 Shocking weapons: TASERS

19 Spendable amount: NET

20 Set of keyboard keys: ARROWS

22 Season ticket holders, usually: HUGEFANS

24 Personal ad "looking for": ISO

25 Boo-__: HOO

27 Gates of philanthropy: MELINDA

28 Impressive: NOSLOUCH

31 Votes against: NAYS

32 Make a bad situation worse: FEEDTHEFIRE

36 Magnificence: STATELINESS

38 Many a "Twister" character: STORMCHASER

40 "Not happening!": ASIF

43 Colors in the family: SHADESOF

45 Rascals, old-style: VARLETS

49 Bard's preposition: ERE

50 __-pitch: SLO

51 High seas greeting: AHOYMATE

53 Harassed "SNL" clay character: MRBILL

55 Salon acquisition: TAN

56 1887 Verdi debut: OTELLO

58 __ rage: ROID

59 "__ too!": ARE

60 Kind of calendar: JULIAN

61 Girl of Avonlea: ANNE

62 "Gnarly!": RAD

63 "Either way": IMEASY

64 Roman Catholic prelate: Abbr.: MSGR


1 Come into: OBTAIN

2 Learns about: HEARSOF

3 Obsessions, often: NEUROSES

4 German aviation pioneer Lilienthal: OTTO

5 Has every intention that one will: SETSOUTTO

6 In the manner of: ALA

7 Well-kept, as a lawn: LUSH

8 Concert hall: ODEUM

9 Emulate Time and Warner: MERGE

10 Ford who championed the Model A: EDSEL

11 Procrastinator's word: MANANA

12 Fashionable: TRENDY

13 Plays the role of: ACTSAS

21 New Orleans Saints chant: WHODAT

23 Tactful handling: FINESSE

26 Earth pigment: OCHER

29 Unleashes: LETSFLY

30 Big wheels: HELMS

33 Sheet of microfilm: FICHE

34 Singing like Pentatonix, e.g.: INHARMONY

35 Keeper of many books: READER

37 Meetings: SESSIONS

39 On the road: ROLLING

40 Gamer's icon: AVATAR

41 About 30% of Africa: SAHARA

42 Did a laundry job: IRONED

44 Office item: FOLDER

46 Tiny birthday cake, perhaps: EMOJI

47 Art of jazz: TATUM

48 Stone marker: STELE

52 Director Kazan: ELIA

54 Name on the cover of "Dracula": BRAM

57 Syllables in some madrigals: LAS

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