LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 June 2020

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Los Angeles Times 8 June 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 June 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Dada pioneer Jean: ARP

4 Closes: SHUTS

9 Newborn horses: FOALS

14 Keep out of, with "from": BAR

15 Basic belief: TENET

16 Boutros-Ghali's U.N. successor Kofi __: ANNAN

17 *Plot of a movie, say: STORYLINE

19 Sam of "Jurassic Park": NEILL

20 Animated film mermaid: ARIEL

21 Give it a shot: TRY

23 Docs' org. with a noted journal: AMA

24 Pennsylvanie, par exemple: ETAT

25 *Single-layer dessert: SHEETCAKE

28 Gridiron pitchout: LATERAL

31 Caught, as a butterfly: NETTED

32 Kingston Trio hit with the lyric "Fight the fare increase!": MTA

33 Supreme Norse god: ODIN

35 Equals on a jury: PEERS

36 *Stock buying or selling directive with a specified price: STOPORDER

39 Bingo-like game: BEANO

42 Dressed in: WORE

43 Freshly painted: WET

46 Glue brand: ELMERS

48 London's theatre district: WESTEND

50 *Nintendo income source: GAMESALES

53 Feed bag bits: OATS

54 Pince-__ glasses: NEZ

55 Gangster's gun: GAT

56 Penniless: BROKE

58 Playful swimmer: OTTER

60 Temporary ... and how both ends of the answers to starred clues might be described: SHORTTERM

63 Half-and-half half: CREAM

64 Giggle sound: TEHEE

65 "The Matrix" hero: NEO

66 Fruity desserts: TARTS

67 Casino lineup: SLOTS

68 '80s missile prog.: SDI


1 Stomach muscles, briefly: ABS

2 Machine gun sound: RATATAT

3 Like a fair share: PRORATA

4 Eye affliction: STYE

5 Satan's realm: HELL

6 Prefix with cycle: UNI

7 First extra inning: TENTH

8 Cubic meter: STERE

9 Devotee: FAN

10 Play sans intermission: ONEACTER

11 Bring to life: ANIMATE

12 Calif. NBAer: LALAKER

13 NBC's "Weekend Update" show: SNL

18 Confirmation, e.g.: RITE

22 Japanese money: YEN

24 Stately tree: ELM

25 "Freudian" oops: SLIP

26 Flap-doored homes: TEPEES

27 Masthead list, briefly: EDS

29 Helicopter parts: ROTORS

30 Big fuss: ADO

34 "This minute!": NOW

36 Pooh-pooh: SNEEZEAT

37 Lettered theater locations: ROWS

38 Dr. of rap: DRE

39 Plead with: BEG

40 Hyundai sedan: ELANTRA

41 Electrical measuring device: AMMETER

43 Loses strength: WEAKENS

44 Went in: ENTERED

45 NFL six-pointers: TDS

47 Droop: SAG

49 Friendly honk: TOOT

51 Endures: LASTS

52 Six-decade actress Barrymore: ETHEL

56 Writer Harte: BRET

57 Rd. map lines: RTES

58 Fall mo.: OCT

59 Real estate ad abbr.: RMS

61 "Caught you!": OHO

62 Miss Piggy catchword: MOI

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