LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 March 2017

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Los Angeles Times 8 March 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 March 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 __-pedi: MANI

5 Like many snowbirds: Abbr.: RETD

9 Golden Arches pork sandwich: MCRIB

14 __ jacket: ETON

15 Part of a plot: ACRE

16 Muse for Millay: ERATO

17 Ambitious aspiration: LOFTYGOAL

19 Industry bigwig: TITAN

20 Hotel breakfast buffet offering: OMELET

21 "Evita" role: CHE

23 River near the Sphinx: NILE

24 Hush-hush govt. org.: NSA

25 "We're off to a strong start": LOOKINGGOOD

28 Lauren of fashion: RALPH

30 Mystery man John: DOE

31 Uninteresting: BLAH

33 "Yippee!": WAHOO

36 Flapper's accessory: BOA

39 A city council is part of it: LOCALGOVERNMENT

43 Typical "Blue's Clues" watcher: TOT

44 Davenport resident: IOWAN

45 Gossip column twosome: ITEM

46 Stop: END

47 Stop: CEASE

50 Aphrodite or Venus: LOVEGODDESS

55 __ King Cole: NAT

58 "Not sure yet": IMAY

59 Road cover: TAR

60 Sole role in the play "Tru": CAPOTE

62 Place for short cuts: SALON

64 Word lover who'd especially enjoy the four longest answers in this puzzle? LOGOPHILE

66 Pointed remark? THERE

67 Always: EVER

68 Persia, today: IRAN

69 Totally filled: SATED

70 Email status: SENT

71 What a successful dieter weighs: LESS


1 Fruit served in balls: MELON

2 Matter makeup: ATOMS

3 2002 legislation that protects whistleblowers, familiarly: NOFEARACT

4 Like some waters: Abbr.: INTL

5 Convertible, in slang: RAGTOP

6 Prefix with friendly: ECO

7 Song on a CD: TRACK

8 Indian metropolis: DELHI

9 Got together: MET

10 Shrink in fear: CRINGE

11 Probability expression: RATIO

12 Author Calvino: ITALO

13 Like fillets: BONED

18 Cry out: YELL

22 Home of the Ewoks: ENDOR

26 "I'm impressed!": OHWOW

27 Hired hood: GOON

29 Puzzle solver's cry: AHA

31 Lunchtime fave: BLT

32 John of the U.K.: LOO

34 Gardner of the silver screen: AVA

35 Start of a conclusion: HENCE


37 Cardinal Ozzie Smith's retired uniform number: ONE

38 Spot to check your balance: ATM

40 Lisa who hosts CNN's "This Is Life": LING

41 Beckett no-show: GODOT

42 Leading lead-in: MIS

46 Friend of Pooh and Roo: EEYORE

48 Go along with: ESCORT


50 Leans while sailing: LISTS

51 D-Day beach: OMAHA

52 Lot attendant: VALET

53 Lowlands: DALES

54 Used the car: DROVE

56 Book with roads: ATLAS

57 After-school jobholders: TEENS

61 One of the Everly Brothers: PHIL

63 Actor Beatty: NED

65 High-ranking off.: GEN

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