LA Times Crossword answers Friday 8 March 2019

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Los Angeles Times 8 March 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 8 March 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fencing needs: SWORDS

7 Soup holder: POT

10 Web creation: SITE

14 "Amen": SOBEIT

15 Complement for a tango: TWO

16 Sharp: ACID

17 Fill with love: ENAMOR

18 Didn't just knock? ALSORANG

20 Like a male lion: MANED

22 Housecleaning aid: SPONGE

23 Arctic trout: CHAR

25 Completely erase: WIPE

28 PC key above Shift: ENTER

29 Barbecue dinner followed by dyspepsia? RACKANDRUING

32 Audibly amazed: AGASP

33 Period: ERA

34 Bad Ems and Marienbad, for two: SPAS

38 Animal protection agent: FUR

39 Public face: PERSONA

43 Muhammad's son-in-law: ALI

44 Ready to drive: TEED

46 Contend: VIE

47 Trailer follower: MOVIE

49 Part for a robot vampire? ELECTRICFANG

53 Prop for a Tell skit: APPLE

56 Label caveat: ASIS

57 Wandering the range, say: FREE

58 Thinking things: BRAINS

60 Game with 25 squares: BINGO

62 Eagerly excited for an extended period of time? LONGAGOG

65 Containing more lemon: TARTER

68 O.T. book after Neh.: ESTH

69 Pedi pinkie: TOE

70 French teacher: MAITRE

71 Remainder: REST

72 "I think my love as rare / As any __ belied by false compare": Shak.: SHE

73 Conclusion ... or, in three parts, what four answers in this puzzle unexpectedly do: ENDING


1 Memphis-to-Mobile dir.: SSE

2 Outplayed an opponent: WON

3 2010 health statute, informally: OBAMACARE

4 They may be nasty: REMARKS

5 Belmonts frontman: DION

6 Thrown around: STREWN

7 School org.: PTA

8 Hogwarts mail carrier: OWL

9 Discard: TOSS

10 Simple island garments: SARONGS

11 "__ even!": ICANT

12 Bit of color: TINGE

13 Landscaping tool: EDGER

19 Taking customers: OPEN

21 Completed: DID

23 Boat, or the building of one: CRAFT

24 World Court site, with "The": HAGUE

26 Car stereo conveniences: PRESETS

27 Continental currency: EURO

30 Dictionary on a phone, say: APP

31 Scottish John: IAN

35 "King of the High C's": PAVAROTTI

36 Dress style: ALINE

37 "Iliad" topic: SIEGE

40 Party time: EVE

41 Costa __: RICA

42 "Preacher" airer: AMC

45 Gladden: DELIGHT

48 Independent of public utilities: OFFGRID

50 Singer Horne: LENA

51 Tease: RIB

52 Self-reflective thought: ISITME

53 Not so ham-handed: ABLER

54 Verse alternative: PROSE

55 Slacks: PANTS

59 PD ranks: SGTS

61 Bread with tikka masala: NAAN

63 "That's amazing!": OOH

64 "That's interesting": GEE

66 Fish-eating bird: ERN

67 Brief rule? REG

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