LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 8 March 2020

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Los Angeles Times 8 March 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 8 March 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 _ copy: CARBON

7 Stopped the ship, in nautical lingo: LAIDTO

13 Female Plymouth Colony settler, say: EMIGREE

20 Bagel Bites brand: OREIDA

21 Nostalgic numbers: OLDIES

22 Cradlesong: LULLABY

23 Floating flower going under? SINKINGVIOLET

25 Everywhere: ALLOVER

26 Montréal morning: MATIN

27 Longings: YENS

28 Ratio of a synagogue’s center column to its roof slope? TEMPLESINE

30 Aerosmith’s “Love _ Elevator”: INAN

31 _ dixit: unproven claim: IPSE

32 They’re selective: CHOOSERS

33 Tricolor cats: CALICOS

35 Tony nominee Phillipa of “Hamilton”: SOO

37 Like a prof. emeritus: RET

38 Folklore pests: IMPS

42 End a slump? SITUP

44 Darts: FLITS

47 Least ludicrous: SANEST

49 Org. involved in the Waco Siege: ATF

52 Simon, partly? GAMEOFTONES

55 Jamaican tangelos: UGLIS

56 Stable girls: MARES

58 Girl in a wool coat: EWE

59 Sell in a hurry: UNLOAD

61 James Patterson hero _ Cross: ALEX

62 Playful swimmer: OTTER

64 Put to work: UTILIZE

69 Highways pitted with potholes? TOUGHROADS

71 Cast of “Caddyshack”? TEESTOOGES

74 Home to Purdue: INDIANA

75 Like a hawk: AVIAN

76 Altar attire: ALBS

77 Revealing type: GOSSIP

81 Bother a lot: NAG

82 Nocturnal dorm annoyance: SNORE

83 Longtime SeaWorld star: SHAMU

87 Hauling beach umbrellas? TOWINGSHADE

91 Luis Almagro’s org.: OAS

92 Source of a movie poster quote: REVIEW

94 Place to stay: MOTEL

95 Romanov royals: TSARS

97 Pitcher and poker pro Hershiser: OREL

98 Portuguese pronoun: ELA

100 Equinox mo.: SEP

102 Song refrain: TRALALA

106 Defamatory: LIBELOUS

110 Word on an Irish euro: EIRE

112 Dwarf planet formerly known as Xena: ERIS

113 Pointy-bottomed paper cups missing their holders? CONICPAINS

116 Place name from the Greek for “I burn”: ETNA

117 Pablo’s last word: ADIOS

118 Like the moons Titania and Oberon: URANIAN

119 “Someone stole our cash box!”? THETILLISGONE

122 Film sequel word: REVENGE

123 Make bubbly: AERATE

124 _ Pieces: REESES

125 Came out: EMERGED

126 Tuning shortcut: PRESET

127 Art supporters: EASELS


1 _ dust: COSMIC

2 Grande dame of pop: ARIANA

3 Thrifty offering: RENTAL

4 They don’t cover much: BIKINIS

5 Hopkins’ “Thor” role: ODIN

6 Tandoori bread: NAN

7 Is sweet on: LOVES

8 Dior skirts: ALINES

9 Pledges that end an engagement: IDOS

10 Pickles on “Rugrats”: DIL

11 They may be gnashed or gritted: TEETH

12 Path lead-in: OSTEO

13 Go by: ELAPSE

14 Rod Stewart and David Bowie rocked them in the ’70s: MULLETS

15 Not as healthy: ILLER

16 Treating as unimportant, with “over”: GLOSSING

17 Beatle George’s Indian friend: RAVI

18 Irving Bacheller’s “__ Holden”: EBEN

19 Brontë heroine: EYRE

24 Plaster of Paris component: GYPSUM

29 Bite: MORSEL

31 l as in Iris: IOTA

32 Seabiscuit, once: COLT

34 Butts: CIGS

36 Starts to dicker, maybe: OFFERS

39 Blanc who voiced Bugs: MEL

40 Chi follower: PSI

41 HI and OK: STS

43 Katniss’ “Hunger Games” ally: PEETA

45 Letters for short people? IOU

46 Spike TV, formerly: TNN

48 Film part: AUDIO

49 Early luthier family name: AMATI

50 Eagle claw: TALON

51 Slip eponym: FREUD

53 Due: OWED

54 Musical “phone” namesake: SOUSA

57 Nov. celebrant: EXGI

60 Sorting aid on an env.: ATTN

62 Yes-__ question: ORNO

63 Done for: TOAST

65 Freddie Mac purchase: LOAN

66 Aptly named cooler maker: IGLOO

67 Marty, in “Madagascar” films: ZEBRA

68 Twisty turns: ESSES

70 World Court site, with “The”: HAGUE

71 Snarl: TANGLE

72 Mendes and David: EVAS

73 Oxygen’s atomic number: EIGHT

78 Djibouti language: SOMALI

79 “Letters From _ Jima”: 2006 film: IWO

80 Tire-changing spot: PIT

82 Toxin fighters: SERA

83 Sign of being full? SRO

84 Yon yacht: HER

85 One of 17 Monopoly props.: AVE

86 Hat designer: MILLINER

88 Capone nemesis: NESS

89 _ projection: ASTRAL

90 “I you!”: DARE

93 Home or FAQ, e.g.: WEBPAGE

96 Heavy hammers: SLEDGES

99 Listed at sea: LEANED

101 Dress size: PETITE

103 Easy on the ears: ARIOSE

104 Duettist with Diana in “Endless Love”: LIONEL

105 Do taxing work? ASSESS

107 Cupcake topper: ICING

108 Ready in the keg: ONTAP

109 One who helps you find your place: USHER

111 Fjord, for one: INLET

113 Antidote: CURE

114 City once known as Provo Bench: OREM

115 Church part: NAVE

116 Flight sked info: ETAS

117 In the Red? ASEA

120 Middle of a memorable palindrome: ERE

121 Extreme umbrage: IRE

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