LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 March 2021

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Los Angeles Times 8 March 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 March 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Pours to the brim: FILLS

6 Fit together: MESH

10 __-ˆ-porter: ready-to-wear: PRET

14 Cellphone bill statistic: USAGE

15 Baseball's Moises: ALOU

16 Resign, in chess: LOSE

17 "Make yourself comfortable": SITBACKANDRELAX

20 Editor's "Don't change that": STET

21 Lubricate: OIL

22 Start a journey: SETOUT

23 Sine __ non: essential: QUA

25 Quick bite: NOSH

26 Personal connections: INS

29 "Don't be a stranger!": STAYINTOUCH

35 Maple tree fluid: SAP

36 Backless sofa: DIVAN

37 "Cheers" actress Perlman: RHEA

38 Olympics venue: ARENA

40 It tops a king: ACE

41 Riyadh resident: SAUDI

42 Pooh's Hundred __ Wood: ACRE

43 Show gratitude to: THANK

45 Squealer: RAT

46 Regardless of how things go: COMEWHATMAY

49 Phoenix MLB team, on scoreboards: ARI

50 New Look designer: DIOR

51 U.S. Presidents, so far: MEN

53 Deprived (of): BEREFT

56 Broke bread: ATE

58 Machu Picchu builder: INCA

62 Where a puppy may learn the starts of 17-, 29- and 46-Across: OBEDIENCESCHOOL

65 Stretched tight: TAUT

66 Capital of Peru: LIMA

67 2000s "American Idol" judge Abdul: PAULA

68 Syringe, briefly: HYPO

69 Throwaway part of a cherry: STEM

70 Annual Tournament of __ Parade: ROSES


1 Commotion: FUSS

2 "__ any wonder?": ISIT

3 Out past curfew: LATE

4 Pride parade letters: LGBTQ

5 Caribbean, e.g.: SEA

6 Sushi roll type: MAKI

7 Airline to Tel Aviv: ELAL

8 Luke, to Darth: SON

9 Big Apple river: HUDSON

10 Large amount: PLETHORA

11 Chocolate-caramel candy brand: ROLO

12 Jacob's twin: ESAU

13 Modern message: TEXT

18 Raccoon relative: COATI

19 Sabbath activity: REST

24 Meat safety agcy.: USDA

25 Hr. when many workdays begin: NINEAM

26 Writer Asimov: ISAAC

27 DEA agent: NARCO

28 Type of whale: SPERM

30 Picture next to a username: AVATAR

31 Luxury vessel: YACHT

32 "Star Trek" lieutenant: UHURA

33 Fragrant wood: CEDAR

34 One side of Hispaniola: HAITI

39 Had no choice: NEEDEDTO

41 Breed of terrier: SKYE

44 Monikers: NAMES

47 Coffeehouse amenity: WIFI

48 Tripadvisor listings: HOTELS

52 Mandarin greeting: NIHAO

53 "Ice cream or cake?" response, perhaps: BOTH

54 Online auction venue: EBAY

55 Enlist again: REUP

56 Highest point: ACME

57 "There's no 'I' in __": TEAM

59 Entre __: between us: NOUS

60 Either of two "Unforgettable" singers: COLE

61 Wistful word: ALAS

63 Tiny complaint: NIT

64 Bit of EMT expertise: CPR

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