LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 March 2022

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Los Angeles Times 8 March 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 March 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Frightened cry: EEK

4 The-lower-the-better MLB stat: ERA

7 Relay segment: LEG

10 James Bond, for one: SPY

13 Wannabe IRS agent's test: CPAEXAM

15 Glass of "This American Life": IRA

16 Make, as a knot: TIE

17 Vitamin capsule material: GELATIN

18 Prayer books: MISSALS

20 Crystal ball gazer: SEER

21 "When Harry Met Sally..." screenwriter: NORAEPHRON

23 Turkey roasting instruction: BASTE

25 Name for a man going either way? OTTO

26 Full range: GAMUT

29 Puts up with: ABIDES

33 Annual LGBTQ celebration: PRIDEPARADE

36 Sign of success: SRO

39 Help: AID

40 Green New Deal co-sponsor, initially: AOC

41 35mm camera type: SLR

42 Bagel go-with: LOX

43 Frodo's sidekick: SAM

44 Mug for the camera: STRIKEAPOSE

47 "Be right there!": ONESEC

49 Cedar Rapids resident: IOWAN

50 Taj Mahal city: AGRA

52 Pandora's box emanations: EVILS

55 Slippery slapstick prop: BANANAPEEL

59 Slide on the icy road: SKID

63 Like dark clouds: OMINOUS

64 "Quiet!": SILENCE

66 Lair: DEN

67 Many pop-ups: ADS

68 Thick fog metaphor ... and what each set of circled letters is? PEASOUP

69 Joule fraction: ERG

70 Home run, for one: HIT

71 Put two and two together: ADD

72 Recipe amt.: TSP


1 Heart charts, for short: ECGS

2 Blunt-tipped sword: EPEE

3 Popular smoothie veggie: KALE

4 Business card no.: EXT

5 Drizzles, say: RAINS

6 Playground retort: AMNOT

7 __ bean: LIMA

8 Part of HOMES: ERIE

9 [OMG!]: GASP

10 Paces oneself, maybe: STARTSSLOW

11 Amelia Earhart, e.g.: PILOT

12 Like 20 Questions questions: YESNO

14 Jogger's speaker: EARBUD

19 Clog or Croc: SHOE

22 Stern, at sea: REAR

24 "Relax, soldier": ATEASE

26 Student stats: GPAS

27 "Nessun dorma," e.g.: ARIA

28 Common coffee break time: MIDMORNING

30 Revel (in): BASK

31 Just sitting around: IDLE

32 Knock off the track: DERAIL

34 Plant places: POTS

35 43,560 square feet: ACRE

37 Parks who took a seat to take a stand: ROSA

38 Team in a yoke: OXEN

45 Slurpee rival: ICEE

46 Wild West enforcers: POSSES

48 Bread with palak paneer: NAAN

50 Condo or co-op: ABODE

51 Minecraft player: GAMER

53 Italian scooter: VESPA

54 "That part was made-up": ILIED

56 Ark builder: NOAH

57 Q5 automaker: AUDI

58 Soft "Over here!": PSST

60 Sea speed unit: KNOT

61 Hosp. areas: ICUS

62 "Pirates of the Caribbean" star: DEPP

65 "Wee" boy: LAD

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