LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 May 2019

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Los Angeles Times 8 May 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 May 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Try to punch: JABAT

6 Org. concerned with outbreaks: CDC

9 Follower of Guru Nanak: SIKH

13 Shapes for running laps: OVALS

14 Shapiro of NPR: ARI

15 Sunlit lobbies: ATRIA

16 Crunch-like exercise: SITUP

17 *Mint target: BADBREATH

19 Soccer legend Mia: HAMM

20 *Overhead buzzers: POWERLINES

21 Verb type without a direct obj.: INTR

23 Sing smoothly: CROON

24 Bad guy you root for: ANTIHERO

27 __ de cologne: EAU

30 Slangy "No reason": CUZ

31 *Lists of wrestling matches, say: EVENTCARDS

35 Prepare to drag: REV

36 Like maple syrup: VISCOUS

37 Geographical resource: MAP

39 *Building sites: VACANTLOTS

41 "Wherever __": OneRepublic song: IGO

42 "I see it now!": OHO

43 Yet to be tried: UNTESTED

45 Flightless birds: RHEAS

49 Aspiring DA's exam: LSAT

50 *Civil War volley: CANNONFIRE

54 Pet healers: VETS

57 *HBO vampire series: TRUEBLOOD

58 San Diego player: PADRE

59 Like games in an arcade bar: RETRO

60 Protein-building molecule: RNA

61 Shoelace tip: AGLET

62 Young woman: LASS

63 Mountain road curve: ESS

64 Spanish rulers: REYES


1 Kid: JOSH

2 Nike competitor: AVIA

3 Jewish girl's coming-of-age: BATMITZVAH

4 Grads: ALUMNI

5 Baker's meas.: TSP

6 __ San Lucas: Baja resort: CABO

7 Infer ... or what the answers to starred clues end with? DRAWCONCLUSIONS

8 Fall drink: CIDER

9 "Gone With the Wind" composer Max: STEINER

10 Shiraz's country: IRAN

11 Toy on a string: KITE

12 Guffaws: HAHS

15 Woody's son: ARLO

18 Pal: BRO

20 Musician AndrĊ½ with 11 Grammys: PREVIN

22 GIs' support gp.: THEVA

24 Like six starred puz. answers: ACR

25 New, in Nogales: NUEVO

26 Snooze: REST

28 "Truth be told ... ": ADMITTEDLY

29 Grammarian's concern: USAGE

32 Animation creation: TOON

33 Nautilus cousin: CUTTLE

34 Donkeys: ASSES

38 Sci-fi escape unit: POD

40 Least gooey brownie pieces: CORNERS

44 Brutal: SAVAGE

46 Stereotypical train hopper: HOBO

47 Blowup: Abbr.: ENL

48 Ere: AFORE

50 Bottom row PC key: CTRL

51 Real estate calculation: AREA

52 Bar freebies: NUTS

53 Nutritional stds.: RDAS

55 Christmas decoration: TREE

56 "Action!" places: SETS

58 72 for 18 holes, often: PAR

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