LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 8 May 2021

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Los Angeles Times 8 May 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 8 May 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 TV's "Ozark," e.g.: DRAMA

6 Comedy club regulars: MCS

9 Dodge: AVERT

14 Pool service? RIDESHARE

16 Bright, loyal breed: BOXER

17 1998 Academy Honorary Award-winning director: ELIAKAZAN

18 Dried chili pepper: ANCHO

19 Reason to shake: DEAL

20 Brilliant: GENIUS

22 Sky cat? LEO

23 "Madam Secretary" star: TEALEONI

25 Make calls at home, maybe: UMP

26 More shrewd: CAGIER

29 Curling spots: RINKS

31 Bike chain alternative: ULOCK

32 Word from the German for "spirit of the age": ZEITGEIST

36 Corner piece: ROOK

37 Guinness orders: PINTS

38 Woman's name that sounds like two letters: EVIE

39 Ride in the sand: DUNEBUGGY

41 Drop, as dough: SPEND

42 Lionsgate premium cable subsidiary: STARZ

43 Prince Harry's dukedom: SUSSEX

44 NBA on __: TNT

46 Dry deliveries: DEADPANS

49 Game of luck: WAR

50 Generated again: REGREW

51 Little elephant: CALF

55 "Hotel du Lac" author Brookner: ANITA

57 Chaotic situation, in slang: GOATRODEO

59 Finish, as a tat: INKUP


61 Putin's denials: NYETS

62 "The Partridge Family" actress: DEY

63 Nonmusical notes: MEMOS


1 Scott in a landmark Supreme Court case: DRED

2 Upset: RILE

3 1998 hit from the Sarah McLachlan album "Surfacing": ADIA

4 Singer's voice, e.g.: MEALTICKET

5 Part of AMA, on Reddit: ASK

6 Yiddish fortune: MAZEL

7 Bird at a construction site? CRANE

8 Asset on the corporate ladder: SENIORITY

9 Taking down a peg: ABASING

10 Word in many German names: VON

11 Some scoops: EXCLUSIVES

12 Take up again, in a way: REHEM

13 Brownie bunch: TROOP

15 Horrible comic? HAGAR

21 Hands and feet: UNITS

24 Cry of dismay: EEK

26 Morsel for Miss Muffet: CURD

27 Baseball brother: ALOU

28 Walk out: GOONSTRIKE

30 Tallies: KEEPSSCORE

32 Didn't go straight: ZIGZAGGED

33 Lang. of Belize: ENG

34 Geometry calculation: SINE

35 Acronymic term for some local talks: TEDX

37 Baby food, usually: PUREE

40 Undeserved charges: BADRAPS

41 Bask: SUN

43 Took care of: SAWTO

44 "When a man loves cats, I am his friend and comrade" writer: TWAIN

45 Household helper: NANNY

47 Modern delivery vehicle: DRONE

48 Boglike: PEATY

52 Scott of "Big Little Lies": ADAM

53 Danish toy maker: LEGO

54 Ones at odds: FOES

56 Mild rebuke: TUT

58 Hurricane component: RUM

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