LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 November 2016

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Los Angeles Times 8 November 2016 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 November 2016

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Catnip or coriander: HERB

5 Throw in the towel: QUIT

9 Former "Idol" judge Paula: ABDUL

14 Old music halls: ODEA

15 Loosen, as laces: UNDO

16 Author John le __: CARRE

17 Out of control: WILD

18 Road in old Rome: ITER

19 Martial arts-based fitness routine: TAEBO

20 *Old West transport: STAGECOACH

23 British brew with a red triangle in its logo: BASS

24 "Oops, almost forgot": OHYEAH

25 Captain Marvel's magic word: SHAZAM

27 Felt sorry about: RUED

29 Workable, as an alternative: VIABLE

32 Good-and bad-dietary substances: FATS

35 Consumed: EATEN

38 Jiffy Lube supply: OIL

39 __ Fàil: Irish "stone of destiny": LIA

40 *Trailways, for one: BUSLINE

42 Big fuss: ADO

43 Pennysaver contents: ADS

44 "Family Matters" nerd: URKEL

45 Kenton of jazz: STAN

46 Making a cake, say: BAKING

48 DVR pioneer: TIVO

51 Charlatans: FAKERS

54 Shoe polish targets: SCUFFS

58 Molecule part: ATOM

60 Having financial freedom ... and, literally, what the last words of the answers to starred clues comprise: SETFORLIFE

62 Bouquet __: chef's tasty bundle: GARNI

64 Retail complex: MALL

65 Took a tumble: FELL

66 One sent back down the river? EXCON

67 "Metamorphoses" poet: OVID

68 Russian river: URAL

69 Loses on purpose? DIETS

70 Nickname for José: PEPE

71 A great deal: LOTS


1 "In what way?": HOWSO

2 Novelist Wharton: EDITH

3 Race with batons: RELAY

4 Annoys persistently: BADGERS

5 Pielike brunch serving: QUICHE

6 Golden rule word: UNTO

7 "Any more bright __?": IDEAS

8 Olympic symbol: TORCH

9 Play a part: ACT

10 Words to a black sheep: BAABAA

11 *Handsome guy or gorgeous gal: DREAMBOAT

12 Metro regions: URBS

13 Many August babies: LEOS

21 Water in the Seine: EAU

22 Place of safety: HAVEN

26 Kindle read, briefly: ZINE

28 Furniture with a lock, maybe: DESK

30 "__ Rose": "The Music Man" song: LIDA

31 North Carolina campus: ELON

32 Personal trainer's target: FLAB

33 Verdi princess: AIDA

34 *Temporary group for a specific job: TASKFORCE

36 23-Across, e.g.: ALE

37 Lean: TILT

40 Camp bed: BUNK

41 Impulses: URGES

45 Deeply expressive: SOULFUL

47 Emphatic denial: IAMNOT

49 Wagner princess: ISOLDE

50 48-Across ancestor: VCR

52 Swab again: REMOP

53 Avoid, with "off": STAVE

55 Sporty '80s Pontiac: FIERO

56 Note equivalent to E: FFLAT

57 Flies off the shelf: SELLS

58 Like much whiskey: AGED

59 Prepare for takeoff: TAXI

61 Toss of a coin: FLIP

63 Elected pols: INS

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