LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 8 November 2020

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Los Angeles Times 8 November 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Sunday 8 November 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Ones found on saucers, briefly? ETS


10 Undercover agent's device: WIRE

14 Many downloads: APPS

18 Oz creator: BAUM

19 Corrupting atmosphere: MIASMA

20 Organized to a fault: ANAL

21 Having no meetings, say: FREE

22 Florentine flower? ARNO


26 2000s Cal.-based teen drama: THEOC

28 Equate: LIKEN

29 Longtime late-night host: LENO

30 Iran has multiple ones: Abbr.: VPS


34 You, once: THEE

36 Big, strong swimmer: WHALE

38 Ricola ad instrument: ALPHORN

39 Database systems giant: ORACLE

41 Pac-12 squad: UTES

42 Nintendo's Super __: NES

43 Winter fuel units: CORDS

46 Dawdle: WASTETIME


50 Lewd material: SMUT

51 "How you doin'?": SUP

54 Basic digital exercise: SCALE

56 Chile relleno stuffing: CHEESE

58 Many readers of "Dreyer's English," for short: EDS

59 Brian of electronica: ENO

60 Home of the Milad Tower: TEHRAN

61 Cone counterparts: RODS

62 Corn bread: PONE

64 Icy Hot target: ACHE

65 Short notice? IQUIT

66 Ward in Hollywood: SELA

67 Big break: RIFT

68 Gyro holders: PITAS

69 Desert formation: DUNE

70 Lab coat discovery? FLEA

71 Subject of many Instagram posts: SELF

72 Snicket of kids' books: LEMONY

73 Shocked cry: EEK

74 Culinary lead-in to king: ALA

75 Odds, etc.: RATIOS

77 Hallmark of a procrastinator? ECARD

78 __-mo: SLO

79 Adds a soundtrack to: DUBS


83 Decorated: FESTOONED

86 Longtime "60 Minutes" reporter: STAHL

87 Hoppy brew, for short: IPA

90 Disagreement ender: PACT

92 Notes in C minor scales: EFLATS

93 Like activity that can move mountains: SEISMIC

95 Allergic reaction: ACHOO

97 Outdo: BEST


101 Early TV maker: RCA

102 Builder concerned with pairs: NOAH

104 Midway alternative: OHARE

106 Bugs: RILES


112 Creedence song named for a California city: LODI

113 Beat by a run, say: EDGE

114 Slinky shape: COIL

115 Metaphor for extreme pleasure: HEAVEN

116 Make read better: EDIT

117 No good one goes unpunished, it's said: DEED

118 Professor 'iggins: ENRY

119 Will of "BoJack Horseman": ARNETT

120 Craving: YEN


1 Batting helmet feature: EARHOLE

2 Jobs in which plugs are replaced: TUNEUPS

3 Slick: SMOOTH

4 Pal in Provence: AMI

5 "The Things They Carried" author O'Brien: TIM

6 Syrup source: MAPLE

7 "Hamlet" courtier: OSRIC

8 Cook, in a way: SMOKE

9 Compelling evidence: TAPE

10 __ on Drugs: WAR

11 Changes tonally: INFLECTS


13 Flair: ELAN

14 To the rear, at sea: AFT


16 Kind of person? PEOPLE

17 Taste and touch: SENSES

18 Member of the Justice League: BATMAN

24 Snares: ENTRAPS

25 Female 36-Across: COW

27 2000 film set in a French confectionery: CHOCOLAT

32 Verified: PROVEN

33 Cross inscription: INRI

35 Possesses: HAS

37 Fire on all cylinders: HUM

39 Boo-boos: OWIES

40 Usually challenging piece: ETUDE

44 Official order: DECREE

45 Authority: SCHOLAR

47 "__ alive!": ITS

48 Tussaud of wax museum fame: MARIE

49 Spartan queen of Greek myth: LEDA

52 "__ me, you cad!": UNHAND

53 Neruda's oeuvre: POESY

54 "Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo," for example: SEQUEL


57 Concluding sections: EPILOGS

60 Oceans' motions: TIDES

63 Compensate for: OFFSET

64 Get in the crosshairs: AIMAT


67 Chiefs coach Andy: REID


70 One may be raised at a wedding: FLUTE

71 Ear ornaments: STUDS

72 Tres __ cake: dessert soaked in dairy liquids: LECHES

74 Billboard displays: ADS

76 Driver in a heist, say: ABETTOR

80 Lisa Marie as of 1980, vis-à-vis Elvis: SOLEHEIR

82 Shock, as a perp: TASE

84 Ike's WWII command: ETO

85 "Illmatic" rapper: NAS

87 Self-destruct: IMPLODE

88 Boarded, like clowns entering a clown car: PILEDIN

89 Nails that test: ACESIT

90 Analyzed in English class: PARSED

91 Say yes (to): ACCEDE

94 :-): SMILEY

96 Air Force __: ONE

98 Heat player, say: CAGER

99 Finance guru Suze: ORMAN

100 "The Canterbury Tales" pilgrim: REEVE

103 In the old days: ONCE

105 "That's hilarious ... not": HAHA

108 "Chopped" host Allen: TED

109 Sac __: FLY

110 Take home: NET

111 Where to see a Heat player: TNT

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