LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 November 2021

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Los Angeles Times 8 November 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 November 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Fictional hero raised by apes: TARZAN

7 URL letters after two slashes: WWW

10 Prefix meaning "huge": MEGA

14 Single-celled creature: AMOEBA

15 "So I was right all along": AHA

16 Pizza cooker: OVEN

17 *Swing from the get-go: COMEOUTFIGHTING

20 Bonuses for the waitstaff: TIPS

21 Whitewater ride: RAFT

22 Mookie of the Dodgers: BETTS

23 *Well-made: BUILTTOLAST

25 Make amends: ATONE

29 Wallach or Whitney: ELI

30 *Early pudginess usually lost by one's teens: BABYFAT

33 Go out, as the tide: EBB

35 Econ. yardstick: GDP

38 Timeworn phrase: BROMIDE

39 In the same family: RELATED

41 Dined: ATE

42 Can metal: TIN

43 *Continue to avoid, as alcohol: STAYOFF

44 Pigs out (on), briefly: ODS

46 Bird homes: NESTS

47 *"Don't go yet": WAITASECOND

54 Lou Grant portrayer Ed: ASNER

55 __-Rooter: ROTO

56 Worker protection org.: OSHA

60 Bumping into someone, say ... and what the end of each answer to a starred clue can have? CHANCEENCOUNTER

63 Clark at the Daily Planet: KENT

64 NW corner key: ESC

65 __ versus nurture: NATURE

66 Valuable rocks: ORES

67 5G __: mobile standard: LTE

68 Eats into: ERODES


1 Diplomat's asset: TACT

2 Mine, in Metz: AMOI

3 Blowout victory: ROMP

4 Pizzazz quartet: ZEES

5 Blood-typing letters: ABO

6 Tiny Pacific republic near the equator: NAURU

7 Pancake cousin: WAFFLE

8 Wood shavers: WHITTLERS

9 What happy tails do: WAG

10 Roadside overnight stop: MOTEL

11 Broadway role played by Madonna in film: EVITA

12 Restroom label: GENTS

13 Common teen phase: ANGST

18 Mai __: TAI

19 "His Dark Materials" channel: HBO

23 Are suited for: BEFIT

24 Dalai Lama's land: TIBET

25 Palindromic "SOS" pop group: ABBA

26 Sharp-tasting: TART

27 Bassoon relative: OBOE

28 "Miracle" NL team of 1969, on scoreboards: NYM

31 Farewell to Felipe: ADIOS

32 Most easily chewed, as meat: TENDEREST

34 Not at all spicy: BLAND

35 Sporty Pontiacs: GTOS

36 Nimble-fingered: DEFT

37 Some emailed files: PDFS

40 Sailor's yes: AYE

45 Wall-mounted light: SCONCE

47 Amusingly eccentric: WACKO

48 Son of Jacob: ASHER

49 Silly: INANE

50 Campers' shelters: TENTS

51 Joan of __: ARC

52 Not Rx: OTC

53 "... said __ ever": NOONE

56 Aware of, as a plot: ONTO

57 Kind of poker: STUD

58 "__ we go again!": HERE

59 Greek war god: ARES

61 Electric fish: EEL

62 Former Egypt-Syria confed.: UAR

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