LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 October 2018

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Los Angeles Times 8 October 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 8 October 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Stand watch for, say: ABET

5 Oompah instrument: TUBA

9 Think-on-your-feet tests: ORALS

14 Greiner of "Shark Tank": LORI

15 Sister of Osiris: ISIS

16 Fabled wish granter: GENIE

17 Time-consuming: LONG

18 With "of" and 71-Across, Steinbeck classic: EAST

19 Swim cap material: LATEX


23 Hulu service: NETTV

24 __ about: roughly: ONOR

25 Eyelid bump: STYE

29 Onetime Leno announcer Hall: EDD

31 Prefix with mount or charge: SUR

33 Head-butting beast: RAM

34 Scoop in a cone: ICECREAM

39 Katmandu native: NEPALI


43 Make an error: SLIPUP

44 Pedals on antique sewing machines: TREADLES

45 Right-angled piece: ELL

46 Gp. with Vikings: NFC

48 Bearded beast: GNU

49 Fraction of a min.: NSEC

51 Hindu princess: RANI

53 Andean pack animal: LLAMA


61 Pentagon, for one: SHAPE

64 Med. readouts: EKGS

65 Molecule part: ATOM

66 Usual bus. address for sending in payments: POBOX

67 Cheer (for): ROOT

68 Vaccine fluids: SERA

69 Hollywood go-between: AGENT

70 Actress Gunn of "Breaking Bad": ANNA

71 See 18-Across: EDEN


1 Dead tired: ALLIN

2 Trailblazer Daniel: BOONE

3 Surrealist Max: ERNST

4 Tied snugly: TIGHT

5 Wedding cake layer: TIER

6 Gannett's flagship newspaper: USATODAY

7 Badlands bovine: BISON

8 Texas team that won the 2017 World Series: ASTROS

9 Look like a wolf? OGLE

10 Brings up, as kids: REARS

11 Industrious insect: ANT

12 Tell it like it isn't: LIE

13 "__ sells": ad biz mantra: SEX

21 Exceed, as a budget: OVERRUN

22 Like an intoxicated spree: DRUNKEN

26 Fish with a net: TRAWL

27 New Haven Ivy Leaguer: YALIE

28 Radiates: EMITS

30 Cook, as onion rings: DEEPFRY

32 Le Car maker: RENAULT

34 "Peer Gynt" playwright: IBSEN

35 Honeycomb units: CELLS

36 Paperless tax return option: EFILE

37 "Blue Bloods" extra: COP

38 Bon __: witticism: MOT

40 Pea container: POD

42 Encouraging: URGINGON

47 Picture taker: CAMERA

50 Roasting bird: CAPON

52 47-Down brand: NIKON

54 Tenant's contract: LEASE

55 Tossed in a chip: ANTED

56 Bond portrayer Roger: MOORE

57 "Seriously, bro!": AWMAN

59 "I'm __!": "My turn!": NEXT

60 Davis Cup org.: USTA

61 Place for a mud bath: SPA

62 Biker's wheels: HOG

63 Springfield presidential library nickname: ABE

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