LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 October 2019

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Los Angeles Times 8 October 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 October 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 How headless chickens may run: AMOK

5 Argo and Titanic: SHIPS

10 Email asking for money, perhaps: SCAM

14 Pedi partner: MANI

15 "A Confederacy of Dunces" author John Kennedy __: TOOLE

16 Gyro bread: PITA

17 Ocular arch-shaping cosmetic: EYEBROWWAX

19 Like Felix Unger, e.g.: ANAL

20 Forbidden regions: NOGOAREAS

21 Mom's brother: UNCLE

22 __ Lanka: SRI

23 1/60 of an hr.: MIN

25 "The cow is of the bovine __; / One end is moo, the other, milk": Ogden Nash: ILK

26 Robby the Robot, e.g.: MECHANICALMAN

32 Miss. neighbor: ALA

33 High school stat: GPA

34 Loewe's lyricist: LERNER

37 Dog pack leader: ALPHA

40 One or more: ANY

42 Spanish "I love you": TEAMO

43 Get by: MANAGE

45 Article in Die Zeit: DER

47 Up to, briefly: TIL

48 Backyard cooker: CHARCOALGRILL

52 N, E, S or W: DIR

54 Golf teacher: PRO

55 Portuguese saint: SAO

56 UPS driver's assignment: ROUTE

58 Not one to pass up a porterhouse: MEATLOVER

64 King of Siam's Broadway dance partner: ANNA

65 Tentative "It's a date" ... or a hint to the starts of 17-, 26-, and 48-Across: PENCILMEIN

66 The Stones' Jagger: MICK

67 One-eighty: UTURN

68 Distort, as rules: BEND

69 Throbbing pain: ACHE

70 Pro bono promise: NOFEE

71 Boats like Noah's: ARKS


1 Last word before digging in? AMEN

2 BLT condiment: MAYO

3 10 C-notes: ONEG

4 Put the __ on: squelch: KIBOSH

5 Attic function: STORING

6 Sewing machine inventor Elias: HOWE

7 Corn Belt state: IOWA

8 Outmoded TV type: PLASMA

9 __ symbol: SEX

10 Wing measurement: SPAN

11 Where Reds play: CINCINNATI

12 In the least: ATALL

13 2018 Best Actor Rami __: MALEK

18 Hard to find, to Caesar: RARA

21 Like some expectations: UNMET

24 Feeling poorly: ILL

26 Palindromic address: MAAM

27 "Enchanted" film title girl: ELLA

28 Naval officer on a cereal box: CAPNCRUNCH

29 Beer initialism: IPA

30 "I'm on it!": CANDO

31 "We __ Farmers": insurance slogan: ARE

35 Pianist Gilels: EMIL

36 Winning streak: ROLL

38 "Yeah, right!": HAH

39 With jaw dropped: AGAPE

41 Affirmative vote: YEA

44 Do something human? ERR

46 Stephen King's kid lit counterpart: RLSTINE

49 Awaken: COMETO

50 Sometimes it's unmitigated: GALL

51 Self-moving vacuum: ROOMBA

52 Certain queen's bailiwick: DRAMA

53 Greek column type: IONIC

57 Word before part or heart: TAKE

59 Sufficient, in texts: ENUF

60 "Back forty" unit: ACRE

61 Swerve: VEER

62 Kindle technology: EINK

63 Gps. of drinks: RNDS

65 "The lowest form of humor—when you don't think of it first": Oscar Levant: PUN

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