LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 September 2020

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Los Angeles Times 8 September 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Tuesday 8 September 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Former soldiers: VETS

5 Explosive compound, briefly: NITRO

10 A lot: TONS

14 Quarreling: ATIT

15 Still soft, as concrete: UNSET

16 First-year law student: ONEL

17 Housekeeper's whisky request? MAKEITNEAT

19 Gillette razor: ATRA

20 Wire-bending hand tool: PLIERS

21 Place to adopt a dog: PETSHOP

23 Really big cats: LIONS

26 Mechanical learning routine: ROTE

27 Itemizes: LISTS

30 International shipping co.: UPS

32 Red wine grape known as Shiraz in Australia: SYRAH

35 Eight: Pref.: OCTO

36 Grins: SMILES

38 Be in debt: OWE

39 One of a bike's two: TIRE

40 "Li'l" comic strip character: ABNER

41 Medical image for diagnosis: SCAN

42 Bering or Black: SEA

43 First game of the season: OPENER

44 Related by blood: AKIN

45 Type style that sounds like a Disney mermaid: ARIAL

47 Gun, as an engine: REV

48 Johnny Mathis classic that begins, "Look at me": MISTY

49 FBI agent: GMAN

51 Fix a lawn: RESOD

53 Hawaiian medicine men: KAHUNAS

56 Saudi __: ARABIA

60 Ships' rears: AFTS

61 Bachelor's whisky request? SINGLEMALT

64 Loyal: TRUE

65 Letter-shaped dress style: ALINE

66 ExxonMobil brand: ESSO

67 Clumsy one's exclamation: OOPS

68 British race car maker: LOTUS

69 Half-moon tide: NEAP


1 Femme fatale: VAMP

2 And others: Abbr.: ETAL

3 Symbolic carving in Maori culture: TIKI

4 Type of durable work boot: STEELTOE

5 Insane, as a scheme: NUTSO

6 Lodging choice: INN

7 "Cats" poet's monogram: TSE

8 Harvest: REAP

9 Frolicking swimmer: OTTER

10 Warm and cozy: TOASTY

11 Geologist's whisky request? ONTHEROCKS

12 Fiddling Roman emperor: NERO

13 Open-handed hit: SLAP

18 Colored eye part: IRIS

22 Throw softly: TOSS

24 Phone __: NUMBER

25 Fishing lure: SPINNER

27 Much, casually: LOTSA

28 More slippery: ICIER

29 Astronaut's whisky request? STRAIGHTUP

31 Magician's hiding place: SLEEVE

33 Be in store for: AWAIT

34 Comic Youngman: HENNY

36 Maple-syrup-to-be: SAP

37 Make a mistake: ERR

41 Ended a prayer: SAIDAMEN

43 "The Good Earth" heroine: OLAN

46 Makes laugh: AMUSES

48 __ or less: about: MORE

50 Like a facial cavity: NASAL

52 Clearance events: SALES

53 Green Hornet's sidekick: KATO

54 Jackson 5 hairdo: AFRO

55 Storage building for crops: SILO

57 It may be stolen on a diamond: BASE

58 Ingrid's "Casablanca" role: ILSA

59 Upon: ATOP

62 Petty gripe: NIT

63 Beast with a beard: GNU

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