LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 September 2021

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Los Angeles Times 8 September 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 8 September 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Chess result: DRAW

5 "NASCAR on NBC" analyst Earnhardt Jr.: DALE

9 Metalworker: SMITH

14 Cancœn coin: PESO

15 A party to: INON

16 Island near Maui: LANAI

17 *Devoted ESPN viewer: SPORTSNUT

19 Uneasy feeling: ANGST

20 Word after box or law: OFFICE

21 Bullish sound? SNORT

22 Wail: CRY

23 *Spec for sandpaper or salt: COARSEGRAIN

27 Coll. near the Rio Grande: UTEP

29 Hard rain: SLEET

30 Dance class topic: STEP

31 First name in skin care: ESTEE

33 Caddie's offering: CLUB

35 Make a wrong turn, say: ERR

36 *Quarry that supplies aggregate: GRAVELPIT

40 Guys: HES

43 Jai __: ALAI

44 Quebec's __ Peninsula: GASPE

48 Racecourse shape: OVAL

50 Ready for bed, briefly: INPJS

53 Long-running CBS series: NCIS

54 *Garden walkway component: PAVINGSTONE

57 Malarkey: ROT

58 Pachelbel work: CANON

59 Treasury secretary Janet: YELLEN

61 Sahara features: DUNES

62 Last player selected for a Wimbledon ranking ... or part of each answer to a starred clue: FINALSEED

65 Locale: VENUE

66 Heck of a hike: TREK

67 Dell rival: ACER

68 Brings in: REAPS

69 Actor Grant: CARY

70 Drive-__: THRU


1 MLB rally killers: DPS

2 Researchers' publications: REPORTS

3 To date: ASOFYET

4 Klingon officer in the "Star Trek" franchise: WORF

5 '70s hot spots: DISCOS

6 Strengthen, as glass: ANNEAL

7 Seuss' Cindy __ Who: LOU

8 Suffix with exist: ENT

9 Language student's challenge: SLANG

10 Medieval estates: MANORS

11 Thankless sort: INGRATE

12 Preferable, gastronomically: TASTIER

13 Major success: HIT

18 Half a mint? TIC

21 Contrived plot: SETUP

22 Alert for an actor: CUE

24 Checkout printout: RECEIPT

25 Unload, say: SELL

26 "Morning Edition" airer: NPR

28 Alternative to Margie: PEG

32 Noted period: ERA

34 Important: BIG

37 Square up: ALIGN

38 Hotel shuttles: VANS

39 Light earth tone: TAN

40 Short flight: HOP

41 Hurricane mandate responder: EVACUEE

42 Tropical grassland: SAVANNA

45 Sudden stop sound: SCREECH

46 Trailblazer: PIONEER

47 "C'__ la vie!": EST

49 Umpire's pregame request: LINEUP

51 Olympic star Jackie __-Kersee: JOYNER

52 Deceptive: SNEAKY

55 Wine qualities: NOSES

56 Building wing: ELL

60 Challenge for an atty. wannabe: LSAT

61 TiVo, for one: DVR

62 Agcy. concerned with fraud: FTC

63 Gershwin brother: IRA

64 R&B's __ Hill: DRU

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