LA Times Crossword answers Monday 9 April 2018

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Los Angeles Times 9 April 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 9 April 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Romantic kissing at the mall and such, briefly: PDAS

5 Skier's challenge: MOGUL

10 Ref's decisions: TKOS

14 Finnish architect Saarinen: EERO

15 Egg-shaped: OVATE

16 Tipsy: HIGH


19 To be, in Bordeaux: ETRE

20 English china: SPODE

21 With 61-Across, seriously overweight fictional sleuth: NERO

22 Chick's cry: PEEP

23 Tree-toppling tool: AXE

25 "That's cheating!": NOFAIR

27 Wine evaluators: TASTERS

31 Get in your face about: FLAUNT

34 Lisbon hello: OLA

35 Shankar's instrument: SITAR

38 Personal, as thoughts: INNER

39 Break in relations: RIFT

41 Lawyer's backlog: CASES

43 "I'm paying for the drinks": ONME

44 Dined at home: ATEIN

46 Indian breads: NAANS

48 "A mouse!": EEK

49 Sound equipment that may pick up a private remark: HOTMIC

51 Prayerful chants: MANTRAS

53 Scold loudly: YELLAT

56 Sticky stuff: GOO

57 "Cosmos" author Sagan: CARL

59 Chief Asgard god: ODIN

61 See 21-Across: WOLFE

65 Healthful berry: ACAI

66 Object of the puddy tat's pursuit: TWEETYBIRD

68 Skinny: THIN

69 Dominican Republic neighbor: HAITI

70 Triangle calculation: AREA

71 Prefix with -pathic: TELE

72 Max of Dadaism: ERNST

73 Consider: DEEM


1 Benches flanking church aisles: PEWS

2 Thoughtful: DEEP

3 Guthrie at Woodstock: ARLO

4 Went for in an auction: SOLDAT

5 Homer's bartender: MOE

6 Pizza maker: OVEN

7 Ancient Greek physician: GALEN

8 In __: not yet born: UTERO

9 Batted first: LEDOFF

10 1993 film with an instrument in its title: THEPIANO

11 2000s best-seller involving flying toys, with "The": KITERUNNER

12 Fairy tale meanie: OGRE

13 Herding dog name: SHEP

18 Evil spells: HEXES

24 Guitarist Clapton: ERIC

26 Muhammad in a ring: ALI

27 Hebrew scroll: TORAH

28 Samuel on the Supreme Court: ALITO

29 Protective bar on a flat roof: SAFETYRAIL

30 X-Men co-creator Lee: STAN

32 Mythical lion's home: NEMEA

33 Arduous journeys: TREKS

36 Words that connect each pair of four-letter words intersecting at a circle: ASA

37 Unit at Staples: REAM

40 Facebook feature: TIMELINE

42 Stocking tear: SNAG

45 Zip, in soccer: NIL

47 Wintry and white: SNOWY

50 Provide apparel for: CLOTHE

52 "Tough!": TOOBAD

54 No-holds-barred commercial competition: ADWAR

55 Advertising link: TIEIN

57 Suffragist Carrie: CATT

58 Tooth pain: ACHE

60 Brooklyn NBA team: NETS

62 Old Italian cash: LIRE

63 Priceless? FREE

64 Cheese from the Netherlands: EDAM

67 Tiny songbird: TIT

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