LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 April 2020

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Los Angeles Times 9 April 2020 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 April 2020

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Mind: OBEY

5 Old lemon: EDSEL

10 What's under a beret: TETE

14 Oxford tightener: LACE

15 Pledge drive gifts: TOTES

16 YouTube journal: VLOG

17 Getting on in years: GROWINGOLD

19 Lobed organ: LUNG

20 Web pioneer: AOL

21 Polish place: NAIL

22 Couldn't help it: HADTO

23 Document feature with size options: FONT

25 Gets plastered: TIESONEON

28 "See You on the Radio" essayist Charles: OSGOOD

30 Dull sound: THUD

31 Transplanting need: SOIL

32 Some allergy symptoms: RASHES

35 "So that's what's going on here!": AHA

38 Owns part of: HASANINTERESTIN

41 Well-suited: APT

42 With enthusiasm: AVIDLY

43 Ronnie in the Pro Football Hall of Fame: LOTT

44 Rtes. often numbered: AVES

45 Pack animals: LLAMAS

47 Classified item: FORSALEAD

52 "Let's do it!": IMIN

53 European toast: SKOAL

54 Chucklehead: BOZO

56 Atlanta-based health agcy.: CDC

58 Document settings: TABS

59 Holmes' comment about the ends of the four other longest Across answers? ELEMENTARY

62 "Return to Mayberry" grown-up: OPIE

63 Frost-resistant flower: ASTER

64 Golfo contents: AGUA

65 Ice cream buy: PINT

66 __-Japanese War: RUSSO

67 One of the Ivies: PENN


1 "Quantum of Solace" actress Kurylenko: OLGA

2 Cake on a dish: BAROFSOAP

3 EPA scientist: ECOLOGIST

4 Longbow wood: YEW

5 Italian smoker: ETNA

6 Slack off: DOGIT

7 Skyy shelfmate, familiarly: STOLI

8 __ sauce: sushi condiment: EEL

9 Trippy '60s drug: LSD

10 Cable network with classic sitcoms: TVLAND

11 Get past: ELUDE

12 Jay Silverheels role: TONTO

13 Prod: EGGON

18 "What have I gotten myself __?": INTO

22 __ cat: HOUSE

24 Mardi Gras acronym: NOLA

26 Musical star Merman: ETHEL

27 Grammy winner Crow: SHERYL

28 Hazmat monitor: OSHA

29 Rot: DRIVEL

33 Sambuca flavoring: ANISE

34 Avg.: STD

35 Period spawned by the Manhattan Project: ATOMICAGE

36 Baseball strategy for a contact hitter: HITANDRUN

37 Little marchers: ANTS

39 Maritime: NAVAL

40 Bridge feat: SLAM

44 How china is sold: ASASET

46 Fuzzy film coward: LION

47 Shooter's setting: FSTOP

48 Congo critter with striped legs: OKAPI

49 Dick Grayson's alter ego: ROBIN

50 Does some fencing, maybe: ABETS

51 Stadium toppers: DOMES

55 Terrible test score: ZERO

57 Ink cartridge color: CYAN

59 Corn serving: EAR

60 2020 NCAA FBS champs: LSU

61 Touch-screen touch: TAP

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