LA Times Crossword answers Friday 9 April 2021

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Los Angeles Times 9 April 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 9 April 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Lab kit supply: SWABS

6 Highland hats: TAMS

10 Teacher's handful: IMP

13 "Uncalled for!": NOTOK

14 Missouri's __ de Terre Lake: POMME

15 Revival prefix: NEO

16 Game millions can play: LOTTO

17 *French cheesemonger's luggage? BRIECASES

19 Like a storied equine statue: TROJAN

21 Fire alarm? SMOKE

22 *Potemkin village? REALTYSHOW

26 __ bargain: PLEA

27 Female monster: OGRESS

28 Unoccupied ones: IDLERS

30 Word in a kids' game recommendation: AGES

31 Heroic collie: LASSIE

34 Bks. in progress: MSS

35 *Top performer who's hopelessly off course? LOSTACE

37 Hydroelectric project: DAM

40 Prodded: GOADED

41 Romcom subject: LOVE

42 Chartbuster: BIGHIT

45 Lyric poems: EPODES

47 Memo heading: INRE

48 *Heresies? HOLYERRORS

52 Cardiologist's implant: STENT

54 Old-style "Listen up!": HEARYE

55 *PETA protester's emotion? COATANGER

57 Of yore: OLDEN

61 Hill builder: ANT

62 Sneerer's sentiment: SCORN

63 False move: FEINT

64 Word of assent: YES

65 Lays down the lawn: SODS

66 What's taken in some court proceedings, and also (in two ways) from the answers to starred clues: FIFTH


1 NBC show with Ego Nwodim: SNL

2 Try to win: WOO

3 Verizon competitor: ATT

4 Wine orders: BOTTLES

5 Tennis wear: SKORTS

6 Hebrew scripture: TORAH

7 __ acid: AMINO

8 Toulouse title: Abbr.: MME

9 Brief intervals: SECS

10 Arch support: INSOLE

11 More likely to give: MEEKER

12 Pretend to be: POSEAS

14 Two-spread sandwiches, for short: PBJS

18 Sufficient: AMPLE

20 Yiddish cries: OYS

22 Travel here and there: ROAM

23 Coop collections: EGGS

24 Son of Zeus and Hera: ARES

25 Ill. neighbor: WISC

29 Run out of juice: DIE

31 Vehicle for some '60s trips: LSD

32 Fed on: ATE

33 Depressing: SAD

35 Napoleonic Code part: LOI

36 Swearing-in custom: OATH

37 Birdbrain, or an extinct bird: DODO

38 Claim with confidence: AVER

39 Confusion result: MESS

40 Home to the van Eycks' "Adoration of the Mystic Lamb": GHENT

41 Rhine siren: LORELEI

42 Europe's Bay of __: BISCAY

43 Chant: INTONE

44 Record setters: GREATS

45 "And all that beauty, all that wealth __ gave ... ": Gray: EER

46 Remove with difficulty: PRYOFF

49 "My Lord!": OHGOD

50 Wanton gazes: LEERS

51 Story to spin: YARN

53 Soviet news agency: TASS

56 Sgt., e.g.: NCO

58 "What's the __?": DIF

59 Sinus doc: ENT

60 Unnamed degree: NTH

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