LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 April 2022

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Los Angeles Times 9 April 2022 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Saturday 9 April 2022

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Destroy: RAVAGE

7 Editor of "The Hugo Winners" anthology series: ASIMOV

13 Bee sting treatment, perhaps: EPIPEN

14 Ricotta-stuffed pastry: CANNOLI

15 Big game places: ARENAS

16 Decor style associated with hobo bags: BOHOCHIC

17 Soft drink size: LITER

18 Cousin of org: COM

19 Tropical fruit tree: GUAVA

20 Home of Warhol's "Campbell's Soup Cans," briefly: MOMA

21 "Hot House" Grammy-winning pianist: COREA

23 Driver of a converted bus, maybe: RVER

24 Eastern honorific: SRI

25 Mercury's had wings: SANDALS

27 Floundering sounds: ERS

28 Code of concern to users: INTERNETLAW

31 Gothic fiction outgrowth: HORRORMOVIE

33 Beverage rebranded to include "Zero Sugar" in its name in 2020: DIETSEVENUP

35 President whose nickname originated in childhood: IKE

38 Open-bodied truck: FLATBED

39 Barbecue flavoring: RUB

41 Beer flavoring: MALT

43 Whitewater principal: STARR

44 Catnap: DOZE

45 En este momento: AHORA

47 "Who am __ judge?": ITO

48 Pie not served for dessert: PIZZA

49 Java serving: CUPOFJOE

51 Winter airs: CAROLS

52 Obsolescent club usually replaced by a fairway wood: ONEIRON

53 Member of a noted octet: PLANET

54 Serviceman? PARSON

55 Break: RECESS


1 Kingdoms: REALMS

2 Valid independent of experience: APRIORI

3 Former Asian communist coalition: VIETMINH

4 Sleep woe: APNEA

5 Paraphernalia: GEAR

6 Northern frontiers? ENS

7 "Finally I can relax!": AAH

8 Neck, in Newcastle: SNOG

9 Provoke: INCUR

10 Northwestern Arizona county: MOHAVE

11 "Last Week Tonight" host John: OLIVER

12 Parish priests: VICARS

14 "Bring it on, dude!": COMEATMEBRO

16 Locale with special regard for customs? BORDERSTATE

18 Implicit meaning: CONNOTATION

21 Library array: CARRELS

22 Done: ALLOVER

25 Character-building aid? SERIF

26 Bookmarked, in effect: SAVED

29 "Dracula" (1931) director Browning: TOD

30 Carry the day: WIN

32 Multicountry union using the same currency: EUROZONE

34 Daily newspaper entertainment: PUZZLES

35 Friday revelation? IMACOP

36 Islands bigwig: KAHUNA

37 Romeo or Juliet, marriage-wise: ELOPER

40 Rhinos and hippos: BEASTS

42 Nice crowd: TROIS

44 1933 physics Nobelist Paul: DIRAC

46 Curly hairdo: AFRO

48 Lose color: PALE

50 Hamm of "Mad Men": JON

51 EMT proficiency: CPR

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