LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 August 2017

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Los Angeles Times 9 August 2017 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Wednesday 9 August 2017

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Heckler's array: JEERS

6 Slender woodwind: OBOE

10 Crony: BUD

13 Taxpayer's dread: AUDIT

14 With 24-Across, Chilean poet with a Nobel Prize: PABLO

16 Suffix with Vietnam: ESE

17 *One may follow the wedding dress: BRIDALTRAIN

19 Total: SUM

20 Drunk: SOT

21 Pontiac that was Motor Trend's 1968 Car of the Year: GTO

22 Orchestra overseer: MAESTRO

24 See 14-Across: NERUDA

26 Places for holsters: HIPS

27 Swedish pop quartet: ABBA

30 Arnold's crime: TREASON

33 Stand for a photo? TRIPOD

36 Evaluation for a would-be painter: ARTTEST

38 Got together: MET

39 *Avant-garde: NEWWAVE

41 "The guy over there": HIM

43 Makes harmonious: ATTUNES

45 Frightens: SPOOKS

47 "Whoa, bro!": EASYNOW

49 Tiny branch: TWIG

50 Feudal drudge: SERF

52 Low-risk govt. securities: TNOTES

55 Strategy: TACTICS

58 Granola morsel: OAT

59 27-Down user's need: PIN

62 Master: PRO

63 Familiar slogan ... or, based on its last word, what each answer to a starred clue is? CATCHPHRASE

66 Every one: ALL

67 Poetry Muse: ERATO

68 __ Hebrides: INNER

69 Knight who played a newsman: TED

70 Food-growing prefix: AGRO

71 Checked out before a heist: CASED


1 Quick punches: JABS

2 Currency since 1999: EURO

3 Cut and paste, e.g.: EDIT

4 Freed (of): RID

5 Put on, as a play: STAGE

6 Decide not to join: OPTOUT

7 Trivia night locale: BAR

8 The Affordable Care Act became law during it: OBAMAERA

9 "On the Waterfront" director Kazan: ELIA

10 *Westminster's top canine: BESTINSHOW

11 Take by force: USURP

12 Floor models: DEMOS

15 __ of a kind: ONE

18 P.O. box item: LTR

23 Horse's hoof protection: SHOE

24 Afternoon rest: NAP

25 Makes use of, as experience: DRAWSON

27 Bread box? ATM

28 La __ Tar Pits: BREA

29 *Harsh and wintry: BITTERCOLD

31 Off-rd. transports: ATVS

32 Pedometer unit: STEP

34 Taxing task: ONUS

35 Reject as false: DENY

37 Luau torch type: TIKI

40 Attended without a partner: WENTSTAG

42 Chinese menu abbr.: MSG

44 Heaviest U.S. president: TAFT

46 Extra NBA periods: OTS

48 Joyful shout: WOOHOO

50 Mar. 17 figure: STPAT

51 "Guitar Town" rocker Steve: EARLE

53 Strike gently: TAP

54 Guiding principle: ETHIC

56 Zamboni's milieu: ICE

57 "Fame"-ous Irene: CARA

59 Harsh reviews: PANS

60 "That makes sense": ISEE

61 Stereotypical Geek Squad employee: NERD

64 WNBA position: CTR

65 Genetics lab subject: RNA

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