LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 August 2018

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Los Angeles Times 9 August 2018 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Thursday 9 August 2018

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Kvetch's phrase: OYGEVALT

9 Obstruct: DAMUP

14 Military award phrase: FORVALOR

15 Cut out for marriage? ELOPE

16 Lombardy skiing destination: THEITALIANALPS

18 Feed bit: OAT

19 "Can I get a word in here?": AHEM

20 Addams cousin: ITT

22 One of many standing in a Mexican bar: TEQUILABOTTLE

27 Merged comm. giant: GTE

29 Large garden ornament: URN

30 Viewed warily: EYED

31 Looks down on: DISDAINS

34 Gas __: TAX

36 Gene Autry Easter song critter: PETERCOTTONTAIL

41 Extreme degree: NTH

42 Moot point: NONISSUE

43 Toulouse-Lautrec's birthplace: ALBI

46 Like -trix, at times: Abbr.: FEM

47 Brief "I think": IMO

48 Carl Orff opus: CARMINABURANA

54 "Law & Order: __": SVU

55 Boy of la casa: NINO

56 Farmers' business: Abbr.: INS

58 Vacation spots found in each set of puzzle circles: ISLANDRETREATS

64 Stand out: SHINE

65 Behind closed doors: INSECRET

66 Publicizes showily: HYPES

67 Car named for a small warship: CORVETTE


1 Many times o'er: OFT

2 Pirate song snippet: YOHO

3 Classic circus adjective: GREATEST

4 Site with clickable RSVPs: EVITE

5 Industrial-sized tank: VAT

6 Helen Keller is on its st. quarter: ALA

7 Brief chuckle: LOL

8 Dry run: TRIAL

9 Cygnus' brightest star: DENEB

10 Budget rival: ALAMO

11 Gretchen of "Manchester by the Sea": MOL

12 Presumptuous: UPPITY

13 Mortar's partner: PESTLE

17 Revelation reaction: AHA

21 "Chopped" host Allen: TED

23 Ice cream buy: QUART

24 "Spenser: For Hire" actor: URICH

25 __ particular order: INNO

26 Student's backpack burden: TEXTS

27 Econ. indicator: GDP

28 Exec's accessory: TIE

32 Sturdy fabric: DENIM

33 RR stop: STN

34 Copier need: TONER

35 Jungian archetype: ANIMA

37 Stir-fry staple: TOFU

38 Buddha statues, Japanese silk prints, etc.: ASIANART

39 Periodic table suffix: IUM

40 Celestial feline: LEO

43 Carrier products, briefly: ACS

44 Profuse: LAVISH

45 Like some hillsides: BRUSHY

49 Ludicrous: INANE

50 Array just before an odometer reaches 100,000: NINES

51 "So?": AND

52 __ acid: BORIC

53 Family member: NIECE

57 Dele canceler: STET

59 Cup rim: LIP

60 Eclectic musician Brian: ENO

61 Original D&D company: TSR

62 Prepare to drag: REV

63 Sault __ Marie: STE

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