LA Times Crossword answers Friday 9 August 2019

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Los Angeles Times 9 August 2019 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Friday 9 August 2019

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 i follower: POD

4 Cookout aid: SKEWER

10 Butcher's assortment: HAMS

14 Blond one in a bar: ALE

15 Cry from a toon sombrero wearer: ARRIBA

16 Scratcher: CLAW

17 Dog star's first name? RIN

18 Hang around: LOITER

19 Hebrides isle: IONA

20 King's self-allusion: ROYALWE

22 Share with followers, in a way: RETWEET

24 Westchester County city known for its Playland: RYE

25 Pricey strings: STRAD

26 Civil rights icon Parks: ROSA

29 Roman god: DEUS

31 Put (out): SNUFF

35 Others, to Ovid: ALII

36 "Exodus" hero: ARI

37 Ad to lure you in: TEASER

38 Windshield option: TINT

39 Two-time Wimbledon champ Kvitov‡: PETRA

41 Ward of "Sisters": SELA

42 Sidesteps: EVADES

44 Formally seek justice: SUE

45 Take off: BOLT

46 November 1 honoree: SAINT

47 24-Across, briefly: BURB

48 Se–or's "some": UNAS

49 Leading: ONTOP

51 __ Aviv: TEL

53 Melville narrator: ISHMAEL

56 County fair sight: TRACTOR

60 Classic role for Carrie: LEIA

61 Antique photos: SEPIAS

63 Supermarket chain: IGA

64 Four Tops frontman Stubbs: LEVI

65 Seat of County Kerry: TRALEE

66 Swelter: FRY

67 Didn't dillydally: SPED

68 Vinny famously called them "utes" in a "My Cousin Vinny" courtroom scene: YOUTHS

69 Amount to pay: FEE


1 Henry VIII's last wife: PARR

2 Assortment: OLIO

3 Reject: DENY

4 Magnetic Field? SALLY

5 Preliminary drudgery: KROWEDAPS

6 Ashtabula's lake: ERIE

7 Joker: WIT

8 "Roger __ Book of Film": 1996 publication: EBERTS

9 Harder to find: RARER

10 Layered lunch order: HCIWDNASBULC

11 Cream additive: ALOE

12 Locks in a barn: MANE

13 Whack: SWAT

21 Regal headpiece: ARAITDNOMAID

23 Zap: TASE

25 Gets ready for the big game ... and a hint to four puzzle answers: SUITSUP

26 Utility company listing: RATES

27 '60s-'70s Twins star Tony: OLIVA

28 Scene of frequent Middle East unrest: SINAI

30 Before, before: ERE

32 Apply to: USEON

33 "The Most Happy __": 1956 musical: FELLA

34 Toga party places: FRATS

37 EKG reading: TAEBTRAEH

40 Robot play: RUR

43 Peak seen from Messina: ETNA

47 Ravel work immortalized in "10": BOLERO

50 Cantankerous: TESTY

52 Facilitates: EASES

53 Misfortunes: ILLS

54 Flow slowly: SEEP

55 Queen's home: HIVE

56 Tower of Pisa feature: TILT

57 Bit of bickering: TIFF

58 Fairy tale baddie: OGRE

59 Madcap Martha: RAYE

62 Six-time NBA All-Star __ Gasol: PAU

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