LA Times Crossword answers Monday 9 August 2021

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Los Angeles Times 9 August 2021 crossword

LA Times Crossword answers Monday 9 August 2021

Complete List of Clues/Answers


1 Dutch-speaking Caribbean island: ARUBA

6 Sharp conflict: CLASH

11 Butcher's trimmings: FAT

14 More ticked off: SORER

15 Video's partner: AUDIO

16 Wedding promise: IDO

17 Performance featuring Gene Simmons: KISSCONCERT

19 Shipping weight: TON

20 Deck chair piece: SLAT

21 Meat ending for "sir": LOIN

22 Don't disturb: LETBE

24 Outdoor chimes player: WIND

25 Went for stripers, say: FISHED

26 Wins back: REGAINS

30 Hora or hula: DANCE

31 Dead-on: EXACT

32 Convertible sofa: HIDEABED

35 Stop on a __: DIME

36 Queeg's ship: CAINE

38 Old King Cole's smoke: PIPE

39 Broad-brimmed hats: STETSONS

41 __ of Troy: HELEN

42 Astronaut Schirra: WALLY

43 Graceland surname: PRESLEY

45 Expressed in words: STATED

47 Word after Joe or low: BLOW

48 "Gay" city in a Porter song: PAREE

49 Blue-green shade: TEAL

50 Bluish part of blue cheese: MOLD

54 Wrap up: END

55 Speaker of the House, e.g.: PARTYLEADER

58 Biography datum: AGE

59 Bring joy to: ELATE

60 Tearoom biscuit: SCONE

61 "Anchorman: The Legend of __ Burgundy": RON

62 Closer to maturity: RIPER

63 Light bed cover ... and a verb that goes with the first parts of this puzzle's four longest answers: THROW


1 Requests: ASKS

2 Stir up: ROIL

3 Astronomical bear: URSA

4 Oscars category adjective: BEST

5 Lob trajectory: ARC

6 Church decrees: CANONS

7 Clear-thinking: LUCID

8 Port of Yemen: ADEN

9 Knightly title: SIR

10 Emergency phone link: HOTLINE

11 Meet one's needs: FITTHEBILL

12 Photoshop creator: ADOBE

13 In good muscular shape: TONED

18 Lena of TV's "Riviera": OLIN

23 Houdini feats: ESCAPES

24 Gag writer's asset: WIT

25 Lose brilliance: FADE

26 Many lipstick shades: REDS

27 Off-ramp: EXIT

28 Enforcer of hunting laws: GAMEWARDEN

29 Clear overlay: ACETATE

30 Annoying racket: DIN

32 Casual hellos: HIS

33 Sword with a three-sided blade: EPEE

34 Declare false: DENY

36 Faucet handle word: COLD

37 At least one: ANY

40 Surprise success: SLEEPER

41 Chop down: HEW

43 Team member: PLAYER

44 Breadbasket item: ROLL

45 Pickle serving: SPEAR

46 Letter after Sierra: TANGO

47 Midler of "The Rose": BETTE

49 Lint catcher: TRAP

50 Speed-of-sound word: MACH

51 Garlic tip-off: ODOR

52 Lantern-jawed Jay: LENO

53 Neither won nor lost: DREW

56 Oscar winner Mahershala __: ALI

57 Charlotte winter hrs.: EST

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